Our Forever Home: How to Make a Home From Your Living Space

Our Forever Home: How to Make a Home From Your Living Space

Ah, home sweet home.

One of the best things in life is the ability to make your house feel like a home. What does that mean exactly? It means creating a space that’s completely you, filled with little things that add a cozy and personal touch. 

To make a home feel like a private oasis, you’ll want to get inspired by all the different ways to elevate that feeling of satisfaction as you walk through the door. Your living space should be well decorated, clean, and inviting. Then all the little things that bring it together follow suit. 

If you feel like your living space needs to go from house to home, read these homemaking tips to get there. 

How to Make a Home 

Your living space is the place you, well, live! Since you do all your cooking, cleaning, dancing, and living there, you’ll want to make sure you feel like it’s your own personal abode. While it’s possible to explore what makes a house a home for days, it can be whittled down to the special things that you place in.

Adding things that reflect your personal interests, memories, or unique items that no one else can brag about – those are all crucial to elevating your living space from alright to amazing.

Here are the tips to get you started.

Showcase Your Life 

As you get older, you’ll accumulate different memories and interests that shape the person you are today. One of the ways to pay homage to that is by putting your memories and things you love on display. Try making a gallery wall full of photos of loved ones.

If putting up photos of people isn’t your style, consider doing a gallery wall that shows off your interests! Have a favorite movie…or several? Find their posters, get them framed, and place them up.

You may have a couple of vintage music flyers your mom gave you, this can add a fun flair to any living space. This is the time to get creative, think of all the different colors you can play with or interests to showcase. Anyone who visits will take one look and know exactly whose home this is.

Create a Comfort Nook

Got some strange empty corners that could use a little something? One of the ways you can add an extra level of comfy and style is to create a little reading nook. This just means a nice big chair, some comfortable lighting, and tons of soft fabrics. 

Make this a place where you can just relax, only designate it for that. If you use this corner for work or anything that causes stress, you’ll start to associate it with negative feelings. This should be the place you look forward to unwinding in.

This means grabbing a good book, making some tea, and getting cozy. 

Also, plants. Plants everywhere. If you don’t have a green thumb then get some fake plants that can take care of themselves. 

Make Some Renovations

If you feel like your decor and ambiance is good but something is still missing, you might need some renovations. This can mean everything from a new type of floor, a paint job, or even a new roof! 

Does your carpet flooring remind you of college days? Consider getting wood flooring to elevate the maturity of your home (or at least the feeling of it). Little to big home renovations can make all the difference in the overall feeling of your space.

While a new roof might seem extreme, it’s one of the things that ties your living space together. After all, if the exterior is not ideal, then how can you focus on the interior? When you feel like it’s time, consider this service for a new roof that brings you one step closer to making your house a home.

The Right Lighting Is Everything

Have you ever walked into a store or a restaurant and the lighting was just…right? Maybe it was dimly lit and relaxing or it had some sort of funky colorful lighting you couldn’t look away from. The right lighting will change the entire mood of your living space.

Avoid overhead lighting as much as possible. Invest in good lamps and maybe buy some different bulbs that you can control with your phone. That way you can decide exactly the type of mood you’re in and have the lighting match it.

Keep It Organized

With the everyday stress of life, it’s not unusual for your house to see some organizational neglect. When you come home, the last thing you want to do is think of where you’re going to put your mail and keys. While it may seem annoying at first, setting up a way to keep things organized will make your home cleaner and your life easier!

There are different ways to go about this. From the moment you walk through the door, have a place for your keys and anything else you don’t want to forget. Buy little organizers for all your rooms, since every room will have little things that can get lost.

For your office, get a separator for all your stationery. For your bathroom, go through all your products and organize what you need (and don’t lie to yourself). Everything should have its place. 

Maximizing Comfort With Home Design

While everyone can argue what makes a house a home, it is up to you to make a home. Since it is such a personal space, you’ll want to dig deep to see what can elevate it to maximum comfort. Whether it’s showcasing your interests or adopting new organizational habits.

Hopefully, these tips made an impression on you and you’re ready to push your home to the next level. 

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