Planning a Winter Proposal – A Guide

Planning a Winter Proposal – A Guide

Winter can be a very romantic season if you can ignore all of the extremely wet weather, traffic, dark mornings and nights, and freezing temperatures. Beneath everything that makes winter intolerable, the festive spirit lies, waiting to overtake everything, so things do not seem that bad.

There is the potential of snow when you are tucked up at home, an endless supply of mulled wine, Christmas love story films on the TV, and just an extra reason to cuddle up to the person you love.

If you are in the ‘cup is half full’ winter team, it’s not a surprise that you are thinking about planning a winter proposal. This piece is going to serve as a guide to help you create exactly what you envision!

Find the Right Location

Finding the right spot for a winter proposal is perhaps the trickiest part of the whole thing. If you want your partner to be unsuspecting, then you will need to make sure there are warm places on hand, that you have food and hot drinks readily available, and that they will be comfortable. Nothing takes the romance out of a date quite like not being able to feel your fingers or toes, so planning ahead will help you minimize any discomfort.

If you are planning something special that does require you to be a little rural, then do not forget a collection of blankets, a flask of something hot, and a backup plan if the weather disagrees with your idea.

Get the Ring

While you can propose without a ring, if you have the time and money to find the perfect one, then it will make the moment all the more special. Finding the right ring can take time, patience, and some secrecy, but looking at an independent jeweler can help you find something that is unique. Take a look at some engagement rings in Hertfordshire that can create the perfect piece made to order, so you can mark this exciting occasion in a special way.

Enlist the Help of Others

Planning a big proposal can sometimes need a bit of help. With all of the sneaking around and setting up the spot, having some friends in on the secret to help you either keep your other half out of the way or help you get things ready can be a real weight off your shoulders. There are half the hours of daylight in winter, so you need to take advantage of the light when you can if you need to set anything up that needs attention to detail!

Pick friends who will not be so excited they cannot keep their mouths closed, and delegate what needs to be done to those who are willing to help. This could be anything from getting string lights set up, picking up the ring, getting your partner somewhere for the right time, or even taking them to get their nails done as a ‘treat’, so they are ready to show off their new ring- should they accept of course!

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