Platform bed vs box spring bed: How much do you know about the differences between the two? Read on to learn more about the differences between them.

Platform Bed vs Box Spring Bed: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that 35.2% of adults in the United States report sleeping, on average, less than seven hours per night? 

The bed you choose can affect how deeply you sleep. For many, this means a choice between a platform bed vs box spring bed. 

If you’re looking to purchase a bed and want to know the difference between a platform and a box spring bed, this post will explain the differences.

What Is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a bed frame that provides support for the mattress without using a box spring. The term “platform” may refer to both types of beds, but it’s more commonly used to describe the type with no box spring.

Box springs have been around since at least the early 1900s and are still very common today. They’re typically made from wood or metal, and they sit directly on the floor beneath your mattress. Platform beds have become more popular in recent years because of their simplicity and low cost compared with traditional models.

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Pros of Platform Beds

A platform bed is less expensive than traditional box springs and frames, which means you can buy more luxurious mattresses without breaking the bank.

Platform beds are available in different sizes, so they’re easy to fit into any room size or shape that suits your decorating needs. They’re more durable than traditional box springs because they don’t sag over time because of constant use by multiple people over many years.

What Is a Box Spring Bed?

A box spring bed is essentially the foundation of the mattress. It’s what holds up your mattress and helps provide support for your body while you sleep.

It’s made up of coils and springs that are wrapped in fabric or mesh. The springs help provide extra support for heavier people, who might otherwise sink too far into their mattresses and experience back pain. Box springs also have foam padding or cotton batting inside, which provides additional comfort and cushioning for your body when you lie on top of it.

Pros of Box Spring Beds

Box spring beds are often considered more traditional than platform beds. They come with high-quality springs, which can provide better support for your mattress than a platform bed can.

Since many people believe box spring beds offer better support than platform beds, they sometimes opt for them even if they don’t have any back problems or issues with their backs. Another benefit of box springs is that they often have more storage space underneath them than platforms do.

Platform Bed vs Box Spring: Get a Good Night’s Sleep With the Right Bed

No matter whether you opt for a platform bed vs box spring bed, the key is to find one that you and your family love to use.

Comfort is the name of the game. And while they may look somewhat different and meet different needs, both types of beds can work well together in nearly any bedroom setting.

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