Rare Houseplants to Suit Your Space

Houseplants are the most recent fad in home accessories. More and more people are beginning to decorate their homes with vegetation. But also, a lot of them wants the top rare houseplants in the market.

This is especially true for millennials. Accordingly, numerous social media posts have been dedicated to showing off rare breeds of house plants. 

In this article we are going to explore the rarest houseplants on the market.

My Top Nine Rare Houseplants

1.) Greenovia Rose Succulent

Roses have been the go-to flower for every holiday, date, and special occasion. These are a timeless gift that never grow old. However, these roses are usually cut before they are given.

Unfortunately, cut roses wither and die. This makes their shelf-life quite short. Therefore, people have begun to give roses as plants. 

This special type of rose is a succulent. Succulents are exciting because they are easy to care for. These plants have leaves and stems that store water. Accordingly, you don’t have to care for them very often.

2.) Monstera ‘Variegata’

This breed of plant is similar to the Monstera Deliciosa. However, this plant differs slightly. While the Monstera Deliciosa is completely green, the Monstera Variegata is green and white.

This plant has popped up all over social media. The appearance of this plant is aesthetically appealing. However, this is a mutation. Accordingly, these plants are a lot more difficult to breed.

Consequently, this plant is both rare and expensive. Plant carers need to pay special attention to the amount of light this plant needs.

Furthermore, the white portions don’t absorb light. Therefore, they don’t engage in photosynthesis. The green parts have to make up for this. Carers need to ensure that the green parts get the optimal amount of light exposure.

3.) Tricolor Stromanthe

The Tricolor Stromanthe Sanguine is native to Brazil. They are generally green, white, and red. This plant is also variegated. This variegation is responsible for the beautiful colors that appear.

Many people believe that this plant is difficult to care for. These plants require regular humidity. This is due to its origins. Therefore, dry climates will kill the plan immediately.

Furthermore, they can only have limited sunlight. They burn if they are over-exposed. Finding the right humidity paired with adequate sunlight can be difficult. 

These plants are popular to give as Christmas gifts. This is due to the coloration. However, many of them die quickly after due to lack of care.

4.) Spiderwort

Spiderworts are flowers with three petals. The colors vary greatly. Many are blue, purple, pink, white, or red. They are traditionally a wild plant. However, variations have become popular to have as house plants.

Although this plant is rare, it is one of the easiest plants to grow. Therefore, plant lovers are obsessed with having it in their homes.

People usually put these plants in hanging baskets. This is so that the vines can grow without limitations. However, carers should be careful about moisture levels. This plant doesn’t like to stay too wet.

5.) Variegated String of Hearts

Many collectors strive to add this version of the ‘String of Hearts’ to their collection. These plants are popular due to their draping strands.

Accordingly, the leaves of this plant are heart-shaped. Furthermore, they are pink, green, and cream colored. 

This plant is fairly easy to care for. It loves bright filtered sun and a warm environment. However, carers should not place this plant underneath direct or intense sunlight.

Another version of the plant, String of Hearts Silver Glory, is also quite popular. The leaves of this plant are completely silver. This plant is also quite beautiful. However, the variegated version is more rare.

9. Variegated Rubber Plant

This rubber plant variation, also known as the ruby rubber plant, is another Instagram sensation. The rubber plant itself is not necessarily rare. However, finding the variegated type can be somewhat difficult.

Like other variegated species, it can be a bit picky when it comes to sunlight. This means you should make sure you have a spot with appropriate sunlight picked out before you bring one home.

It is also important to note that the sap produced by this plant can be an irritant to pets and humans. Overall the ruby rubber plant is not a plant for beginners.

6.) Frizzle Sizzle

The ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ is a very unique, yet attractive, plant to add to a collection. This plant is originally from South Africa. 

This plant is known for its narrow leaves and coiled tip. The ends curl up tightly. They are bright green in color. They have yellow flowers in the Spring. 

Although this plant is rare, it is not too difficult to care for. However, growing them indoors is more challenging than growing them outdoors. They grow rapidly in partial sunlight. 

The Fizzle Sizzle also require less sunlight than most plants. These plants are known for their strong scent. They smell sweetly of vanilla and butter.

7.) Peperomia Prostrata

This gorgeous plant is also known as the “String of Turtles.” It is a definite must-have for any collection. This plant grows long vines that are adorned with unique leaves.

The leaves of this plant resemble the back of a turtle. This is due to variegation. They are round and fleshy. 

The Peperomia Prostrata thrives in humid temperatures. Therefore, it is important to regularly mist the environment. Caring for this plant is not difficult as you do not need to water it daily. Furthermore, this plant does well in many different types of light.

8.) Fittonia 

This plant is often referred to as the “nerve plant.” Others call it the “mosaic plant.” Either way, it is a beautiful addition to any house plant collection.

This plant is a spreading evergreen. It has delicate veins and numerous leaves. The most popular color is silvery-white. However, there are less common varieties that are red, pink, and green.

The Fittonia is quite difficult to grow as a house plant. This plant can be temperamental. It grows best in constant humidity. Furthermore, it cannot be placed under direct sunlight. 

Where To Buy Rare Houseplants 

It can be difficult to find rare houseplants in local stores. However, some larger cities have stores that specialize in uncommon plants. It is beneficial to check nearby stores in your city.

Due to this difficulty, buying plants online has become common. The online market has soared over the past few years. 

We have compiled a list of the best places to buy indoor houseplants:

This online store has an extensive inventory. Furthermore, they have a “plant safe” section.

  • Etsy

This is the best place to buy extremely rare houseplants. However, oftentimes sellers only provide a cutting of a plant that they currently have. It’s important to keep in mind that buying off of Etsy means buying from an independent seller.

Just as the name suggests, this company specializes in tropical plants. This is a great place to find plants that cannot be found in other places.

  • EdenCPS

This online plant store is reminiscent of a superstore. Therefore, there are a ton of options available.

I hope this article has given you enough info to get you start in the fascinating world of rare houseplants. You may find, like I did, that it can be very addicting.

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