A broken AC unit is definitely not something you want - luckily, if you can catch these seven warning signs, you won't be without AC for too long. Learn here.

Seven Undeniable Signs of a Broken AC Unit

Air conditioning is a must for most of us. AC units work to regulate the temperature throughout all seasons. However, when something goes wrong with the unit, the results are more extreme than a small house getting extra hot.

A broken AC unit can put your family members and the life energy of your home at risk. Here is your guide to knowing when to get your AC serviced or when to have it replaced. Keep reading!

1. Irregular Air Flow

If this airflow is faltering, broken, or errant, or if the temperature of the air is jumping sporadically, it is likely that there is a larger issue at hand. It is possible for the filter to be clogged and the airflow is being blocked, and a simple filter change can help. However, this is not always the case, and a deeper inspection of the heating and cooling unit is likely necessary.

2. Odd Noises

If you hear a loud grinding or banging noise, it could mean that the AC unit’s fan blades have become unbalanced and are hitting the unit’s housing. A loud buzzing or humming sound could mean that the unit’s fan is vibrating if the fan blades are loose.

If you hear odd noises coming from your AC, it is ideal to contact a professional for help. Click for more information here on AC repair, and replacement services.

3. Water Leakage

Water leakage is typically caused by a malfunctioning drain pipe or drain pan. In rare cases, the AC unit itself may be cracked, leading to water leaking from the seams or from the drain lines. If any of these signs are present, it is important to consult a professional to determine the cause and advise of any necessary repairs.

4. Warm Air

This occurs when the air conditioner is malfunctioning or not working properly. If this is happening, check the unit to make sure the compressor and blower fan is operational. If any of the parts aren’t working as expected, then it’s likely the unit needs to be fixed or replaced.

5. Strange Odor

A musty smell is caused by mold, bacteria, or fungi growth in the evaporator coils or drain pans. It can also mean there is an accumulation of dust and dirt in the air ducts. A burning smell means that your AC unit is overheating.

If you notice a strange odor from your unit, call an AC professional to come and take a look.

6. Condensation Buildup

This occurs when an AC unit is not producing enough cold air to maintain a reasonable temperature in a room. If the AC unit is not functioning properly, it can also lead to moisture buildup on walls and/or windows and issues with indoor air quality. If condensation is consistently present, it is best to check whether the unit needs repairs or HVAC replacement.

7. High Electric Bill

If your electric bills suddenly go up and you can’t find any other cause, it could be your AC unit. A broken HVAC system will consume more electricity in an effort to cool your home, but the cooling effect will be less efficient and less effective, resulting in an increasing electric bill.

Understanding the Symptoms of a Broken AC Unit

A broken AC unit can have several signs, from strange noises and smells to inadequate cooling. The best way to avoid further problems is to have a professional inspect and repair your unit. For trusted and reliable maintenance and HVAC repair, consult a certified HVAC technician today.

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