Simple Accessories To Transform A Plain Outfit Into Something Special In Seconds

Simple Accessories To Transform A Plain Outfit Into Something Special In Seconds

While many people think that dressing to impress means showing off your expensive designer brands, the opposite is usually true.

Recently, TV shows like Succession have bought the idea of quiet luxury back into the fore, as many fashion fans embrace the art of dressing simply and choosing quality products.

Simple outfits can make an impact with simple additions, such as an impactful accessory. If you’re planning on dressing with quiet luxury and choosing plain but beautiful looks, these are some of the best accessories to add to make your mark without going overboard.

A Tennis Bracelet

Named after a bracelet that went missing during a tennis tournament in the 1980s, tennis bracelets are an iconic piece of jewellery made up of dozens of stunning diamonds. The effect is impressive but understated, making them the pinnacle of quiet elegance. These bracelets rely on top-quality gemstones, so they’re often pricey, but they’re definitely worth the investment. One issue you might face is the ethics of buying a diamond bracelet, as your gems could come from a conflict zone or require a lot of energy to mine. If you’re concerned about buying ethically-sourced diamonds, consider exploring the range of lab-made diamond tennis bracelets from J’evar. These stunning bracelets are produced ethically and still have the same impressive brilliance of a natural gemstone, so they’re a perfect choice for anyone who loves to make a statement in more ways than one.

A Silk Scarf

Luxury silk scarves are a perfect addition to any outfit, as they can easily be added to your look to give a pop of colour. Silk scarves can be worn in many ways, making them perfect for all-year wear. You can tie a silk scarf around your neck in several ways or wear it as a headband in the summer. Silk scarves come in various colours and shapes, and many of them have stunning designs on them that will make a major impact. This style of scarf works best with plain outfits, as they are a statement piece, so they’re the perfect option for matching with your classic black dresses or color-blocked blouses. Make sure you choose the right scarf, or keep a selection of designs in your closet for whenever you need to add a pop of color and luxury to your look.

A Pearl Choker

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but pearls come in a close second. Pearl necklaces are a classic symbol of elegance and refinement, and over recent years they’ve also become associated with powerful women looking to showcase their style and assert their dominance through their outfits. While traditional pearl chokers might look outdated, there are many styles on the market today, ranging from longer strings of multi-shaped pearls to single pearls held on a simple chain necklace. Whatever your style, you can find a pearl choker that will accentuate any outfit and give you the luxurious and striking look you desire.

When you’re in a rush and are looking for a simple way to stand out, using the right accessory can make an instant difference. Make sure you have one of these products close to hand whenever you need it to jazz up a basic look.

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