Simple Guide to Choosing Perfect Flowers for Any Occasion

Simple Guide to Choosing Perfect Flowers for Any Occasion

Flowers have been a preferred gift since the dawn of time. Legends tell stories of Greek Goddesses presenting flower crowns to new brides, and Egyptian Pharaohs were among the first to display floral arrangements in pottery. 

What makes this traditional gift stand the test of time? Flowers are beautiful, versatile, and symbolic, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. Here’s how to choose the right arrangement for your next event.

Consider the Relationship

While the occasion plays an important role in the type of flowers you’ll purchase, the relationship with the recipient matters even more. For example, you’ll buy Mother’s Day flowers for both your wife and mother, but you’ll likely get a more romantic bouquet for your wife (or maybe a more elaborate bouquet for your mother since she brought you into the world).

The same theory applies to any occasion. Buying a bouquet of flowers for your coworker’s retirement would be different than celebrating your best friend’s retirement. Your relationship will drive your budget, the type of arrangement, and the meaning behind the gift.

Consider the Color and Symbolism

It’s also beneficial to consider the color and symbolism behind the flowers you choose. Certain colors are associated with different emotions and events; while shades of red represent love, yellows are associated with gratitude and friendship.

The type of bloom also plays a role in the overall symbolism. This consideration is especially important when presenting gifts to other cultures, as the meaning can be different or viewed with more importance. 

Consider the Person’s Preferences

If you know a person well, don’t put too much thought into the color and symbolism; buy them their favorite blooms instead. Sure, red roses are a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but if your girlfriend likes tropical blooms, get those instead.

The same applies to those who prefer live plants over cut flowers. If you have a friend, loved one, or coworker who can’t stop talking about their potted plants, consider getting them a potted flower or plant rather than a bouquet.

Consider the Season

Buying flowers that are in season offers several benefits. For one, they’ll be more affordable and often sourced locally. Using in-season flowers means taking a more organic, eco-friendly approach to consumerism. Finally, your flowers will be fresher and of better quality.

Take the time to research which flowers are in season before making your purchase. If you live in a cold area, look for seasonal flowers sourced from small, locally-operated farmers in other communities. If there are no local flowers available in your area, consider buying them online from a shop like

Consider the Presentation

How the flowers are presented is almost as important as the blooms themselves. Consider the style of bouquet you’re buying: what’s the shape and size? You should also confirm how they’ll be wrapped, what size vase they’ll need, and if there’s anything you need to do before they reach the recipient.

Check the Quality

Finally, check the quality of the flowers before you give them to the person. Check the petals for spots or dry edges, and check the stem to make sure it’s wet. If you’re having the arrangement delivered sight unseen, work with a reputable florist you can trust. 

With these simple tips, you can find the perfect flower arrangement for any person, for any occasion. 

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