If you're tired of being shocked by your monthly electric bill every month, click here to discover simple ways to reduce your electricity usage.

Simple Ways to Reduce Electricity Usage

According to estimates from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, you could end up paying as much as 5% more for electricity this year. 

Add that to an increased inflation rate, and it’s clear that we all need to cut our expenses wherever we can if we want to maintain our standards of living. Fortunately, reducing your electricity usage is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Keep reading for tips on how to lower electricity usage and save on your electric bill. 

Implement Energy-Efficient Lighting

Simply replacing your halogen light bulbs with LED alternatives can help reduce your average household electricity usage. LED lights consume 75% less power and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. 

A smart lighting system with motion sensors can also work wonders to reduce your electrical bill, by switching off lights in unused rooms.

Another option is using solar-powered lighting outdoors. These lights use energy from the sun to charge their in-built batteries by day, and you can switch them on at night to deter burglars or light up your garden.

Many of these lights also have in-built motion sensors to ensure the batteries last longer.

Switch Off to Reduce Electricity Usage

Lights aside, there are many other ways we waste electricity every day without realizing it. Switch off and unplug the following items when you’re not using them, and you’ll reduce your electric bill more than you think:

  • Laptops and televisions
  • Electric hot water heaters
  • Cell phone chargers

These things use little electricity, but it all adds up to increase your electricity bill. 

Manage Your Appliances Better

Replacing your appliances with energy-star-rated versions is a long-term solution to reducing electricity consumption in your home. Yet, there are ways to cut down on how much electricity your current appliances use, too.

As far as possible, use a crock pot or microwave to cook your meals, they operate on much less electricity than your oven does.

Wash your clothes with cold water and don’t run your washer unless you have a full load. The same applies to your dishwasher. 

On sunny days, skip the dryer and use a clothesline for drying your clothes. 

Thaw food in the refrigerator, and wait until it’s completely defrosted before you cook it. This helps keep your refrigerator cool and reduces cooking time.

Embrace Sustainable Energy

Solar power is one of the most efficient and cost-effective types of electricity. You can reduce your electricity bills considerably with net-metering or solar PPAs in most states, or eliminate it completely with an off-grid installation. 

Solar panel installation costs are a huge issue for most homeowners, but there are ways to reduce the cost of solar and still enjoy the savings associated with sustainable energy. 

Save Money and Help Save the Planet

Reducing your electricity usage is a win for you and the environment. When you cut down on the number of fossil fuels required to power your home, you help reduce carbon emissions and pollution.

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