Streamlining Your Jump Course With Wall Caddies for Poles

Streamlining Your Jump Course With Wall Caddies for Poles

Mobile pole caddies help you transport your show jumps safely and efficiently when you need to change courses, arenas, or heights. They also prevent your poles from getting dirty and rotten in storage.

Basket-shelf and hanging caddies often include hooks to hold washcloths and loofahs, while pole-style units may feature a small soap dish. They also install easily using the tension mechanism and tool-free installation kits included with each model.

Ease of Setup

Using a caddy makes selecting the right jump height simple and eliminates the need for course runners to get on their horses for adjustments. It also prevents the poles from becoming dirty and keeps them close to where they must be to facilitate course changes and jump height adjustment.

Five types of caddy are available, including basket-shelf style, freestanding, pole, and portable models. Each class is designed to work well with a specific shower configuration and features different dimensions for storage space. Some have hooks for washcloths, loofahs, and sponges; others include a soap dish.

Mobile caddies feature medium-duty undercarriage running gear rated for 2000 pounds of equipment and come with a tow bar to attach to a tractor or midsize four-wheeler. They can be easily pulled to haul the entire arena, making them a good option for events and training facilities. They require a specific technical understanding and affinity and may need occasional maintenance.


Keeping horse jump poles elevated from the ground when not in use keeps them out of the way and prevents them from becoming damaged or rotting. It also makes it simple to select a specific pole when training your horse, even in an arena where you must drag the course.

In addition, a wall caddy has hooks for holding the poles, keeping them out of the way when not used. The majority are made to support up to six bars at once, which makes them perfect for huge venues.

Mobile caddies are a convenient solution when you must haul the course from location to location, such as at competitions or for training. They have medium-duty undercarriage running gear rated for 2000 pounds of equipment and an easy-to-use tow bar that hooks up to your vehicle. Some have adjustable tension technology that securely fits spaces up to 9 feet tall.


Many pole caddies include hooks to hang jump poles, allowing them to be removed from the holder and taken out of the arena for practice or competitions. This helps keep the jumping course clean and prevents the poles from getting damaged or rotten while not in use.

Most stationary in-shower caddies are crafted from 304 stainless steel containing nickel and chromium for corrosion resistance and finished with rust-resistant coatings in color options like black, brushed nickel, and white. Basket and pole-style caddies may also use plastic for shelving attachments to resist odors and moisture.

Mobile pole caddies are designed to be pulled by a tractor or medium size four-wheeler; some come with an easy-to-use tow bar for transport. They’re perfect for storing and hauling your jump equipment to and from events, making them a convenient alternative to a flatbed trailer. Alternatively, you can combine several mobile pole caddies with moving your entire course for an event or competition.


Your horse jumps ought to be out of the way and simple to maintain while not in use. Adding a pole caddy bracket will help you achieve this goal. These brackets can also be painted in your company’s colors or adorned with an emblem to match your arena walls and horse jumps.

Alternatively, a mobile horse jump pole caddy or wagon is perfect for dragging around your entire course. These carts can be pulled by a medium size four-wheeler or tractor and fit up to 2000 pounds of equipment. They are also designed with an easy-to-pull tow bar for convenient transport.

Both caddies are typically made from 304 stainless steel containing chromium and nickel for added durability and corrosion resistance. Additionally, they might have a range of coatings in various colors, including brushed nickel, bronze, white, and black. These caddies do not rust, stain, or absorb odors and are quick to clean.

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