With more time spent at home, sofa trends have shifted to reflect this change in use. We look at the trends shaping our lounge spaces.

Summer Decor: The Sofa Trends to Watch

Since the pandemic threw us all back into our homes for a record amount of time, many of us have started to rethink our interior design.

Priorities have changed. With so much time spent at home for both leisure and work, finding the right furniture is more important than ever to get a space that is as beautiful as it is practical.

For inspiration, check out the hottest summer sofa trends this year. 

Beautiful Curves

Soft, squishy, low-level couches are some of the hottest sofa designs at the moment. Curved lines and deep seats are the two most prominent features and look stunning as part of a minimalist interior design. 

You could opt for a dramatically curved couch or try the marshmallow-like style of the Pukka range if your budget allows it. 


Houses are becoming increasingly multi-functional spaces, with home working on the rise and an increasing number of teens and young adults living temporarily with their parents.

If practicality is on top of your list, go for a multi-functional sofa purchase.

Without having to compromise, you can find the perfect multi-functional sofa that will give you that combination of a bed, recliner, cinema seat, and comfy sofa chair.


If you have space, adopt the trend for supersized corner sofas in your revamped interior. Not only will this furniture look stunning, but the added seating space is perfect if you want comfy sofa seats for guests. 

If you want a feature in an otherwise neutral room, opt for a bright, bold color such as turquoise, orange, or this green velvet sofa, to give your interior a modern, edgy look. 

The Flexible Modular

Modular sofas are becoming increasingly popular, and it is easy to see why. Creating the perfect sofa shape and size from modular elements means you no longer have to compromise between style and practicality.

Don’t forget to consider your budget when looking at modular sofas.

Many modular sofas are listed at “from” prices on the manufacturer’s website, but if you want large modular sofas, make sure you check the specific costs for those measurements on the website.


Japandi style is the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design and reflects the simple, natural beauty that characterizes both styles. 

Japandi sofas are perfectly minimalist and will allow you to achieve a light, calm look to your living space. Use soft natural materials in cushions, throws, and rugs to help bring this look to life. 

Bright Summer Shades

Our final trend embraces the warm summer sunshine by using yellow shades in sofas to bring vibrant color and light into your home.

You can combine these shades with beautiful pink and blue florals to bring some feminine charm into your home. 

Perfect Sofa Trends to Revamp Your Home

With so many gorgeous sofa trends to pick from, your biggest challenge will be choosing the best one for your home. Consider your personality and how you can let that shine through in your interior design choices.

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