The 3 big benefits of elevator shoes

The 3 big benefits of elevator shoes

These shoes look normal, but they’ll elevate your life.

The quick fixes in our lives often turn out to be big let downs. There’s no quick fix, they say.

But human beings are blessed with ingenuity for a reason. Quick and easy fixes that actually work.

I’m sure you’re wondering how a simple pair of normal-looking shoes can change your prospects. We’ve all purchased shoes before. The excitement wears off quickly. Like anything else, life doesn’t suddenly improve when you buy a new hat, a new shirt, or a new coat.

Elevator shoes are different:

  • They improve your mental health.
  • They improve your physical health.
  • They improve your wealth.

It’s human ingenuity at work. A simple height-increasing layer of foam between the insole and outsole is all it takes to elevate your style – and your life.

Don’t believe me? Let’s let the evidence speak for itself.

Elevator shoes improve your mental health

Weird, right? After all, they’re just shoes. And so what if they make you taller. Platform shoes fizzled out in the 70’s, so why should you care about elevator shoes?

Well, elevator shoes don’t look goofy and obvious like platform shoes. They’re discreet. Like I said, they’re normal-looking shoes.

But here’s the truth: looking taller matters.

Study after study has shown that taller people excel at life. Being tall gives you an edge in status, prestige, and leadership.

Being taller makes you happier too. Maybe it’s because you’ll be riding shotgun, reaching the top shelves, and seeing above the crowd at concerts. Don’t worry about blocking the view – you’ll be the view.

You may also be surprised to learn that being taller makes you look leaner. Yes, boosting your height has the illusory effect of thinning you down.

And all the evidence suggests tall men and women are perceived as more attractive, just in case you’re looking to impress your current partner or get a leg up in the dating world.

It’s amazing how a boost in confidence can do wonders for your mental health. And being at the centre of International Hug a Tall Person Day doesn’t hurt either.

Elevator shoes improve your physical health

Anything that enhances your mental health is good for your physical health, obviously.

But there’s even better news. Elevator shoes can also help improve your posture – even to the point of helping people with idiopathic scoliosis. And improved posture means better breathing and digestion, and relief of back pain and headaches. It’s a classic example of a small change that has compounding positive results.

Do you have one leg shorter than the other? Elevator shoes may help with leg length discrepancy (LLD), also known as leg asymmetry. Get ready to say goodbye to your hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain. Check with your doctor first.

Elevator shoes improve your wealth

Like it or not, study after study has shown that taller people are at a socioeconomic advantage.

No joke. Taller people are perceived as having better social skills, management skills, and more self-confidence. And while this may be ascribed to our unconscious biases in the workplace, the fact remains there is a positive association between height, income, and education.

That’s right. They make more money.

Anywhere from $789 more per inch annually. Similarly, an increase in 4 or 5 inches is associated with an increase in salary between 9 and 15 percent.

In case you’re wondering, elevator shoes put such height increases within reach. Hard to believe such a small change – a quick fix – can make such a big difference.

When’s the last time you bought footwear that turned out to be an investment? (Never)

A quick fix that actually works.

There’s a stigma attached to elevator shoes, sometimes referred to as “lifts.” But elevator shoes aren’t just for short men. They’re for everybody. The benefits apply to women as well as men. Short, tall, and medium sized people. After all, why wouldn’t a person who is already tall want the advantage of a few extra inches?

What’s more, elevator shoes these days are comfortable and stylish. So, if you’re tired of wearing the same boring shoes as everybody else, you’ll likely find something out-of-the-ordinary in the elevator shoe market. It’s a niche market that has come up with some incredibly innovative and unique styles. You’re also more likely to be buying something handcrafted, made with quality materials, from a smaller company that source locally and sustainably.

On top of looking good, feeling better, and making more money, you can be assured…

Sometimes there’s a quick fix.

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