The Mindset You Need for Running

The Mindset You Need for Running

Running is as much of a psychological activity as it is a physical one. One of the main barriers between an individual and the decision to run on a regular basis is the struggle that takes place in the mind, either before or during the run itself. Even those who would appreciate the sense of confidence and the healthier body that running would give them often find themselves unable to break past this mental block. Apart from the techniques, stretches, and other important preparations for a good training session, runners must adopt the right mindset.


It might seem obvious, especially to seasoned runners, but persistence and resilience are at the heart of successful training. Being able to identify your own limits and know when they can be pushed past is a skill that takes time to perfect. There is a fine line between exceeding your own expectations and pushing yourself too far and causing injury. Sometimes persistence looks like giving up one day but trying again soon after.

Total Body Health

Some runners make the mistake of becoming fixated on improving a particular part of their bodies or their health through exercise. Approaching running more broadly can help you to attain and appreciate the many varied benefits of your fitness regime. Work with the rhythms and timings of your body to make sure that you run at a suitable time. Simple details like this can have a significant impact on how running affects your overall health. Even your dental health plays a role in the success of your running and training. The health of your teeth, gums, and the entire digestive system affects your abilities in countless ways. All On 4 dental implants can help you to focus on your nutrition without the pain of poor oral health. When you make total body health one of your top priorities, you will notice that your training drastically improves. It’s precisely this kind of attention to detail that you should try to incorporate into your training routine without focusing on any granular detail that prevents you from seeing the whole picture.


Fighting your inner demons about the shame of perceived failure or missing goals that you’ve trained hard to achieve is a huge part of the battle when it comes to running. Even injured runners can feel a sense of embarrassment or guilt when their condition renders them temporarily unable to continue their usual fitness routines. Unfortunately, these high expectations that you set for yourself initially seem like a positive mindset to possess. However, this can quickly lead to anger or frustration that ultimately gets in the way of your enjoyment of the process. This is why acceptance is such a crucial part of a runner’s mindset. Learning to accept that you can’t control everything and that there may be occasions where you can’t achieve your fullest potential will help you to maintain a healthier relationship with the exercise and your own mental health.

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