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The Surprising Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Water Fountain to Your Garden

Are you one of the approximately six million new homeowners out there? If so, then you’re probably busy with decorating or remodeling the interior of your new home. Once you finish with that, though, your eyes will inevitably turn to landscaping and exterior features.

While it may not spring immediately to mind, there is a lot to be said for adding an outdoor water fountain to your garden or backyard. For one, it provides visual interest and even a focus point for the outdoor space.

As it turns out, though, an outdoor fountain actually comes with several surprising benefits. Keep reading to discover what an outdoor fountain can offer you.

New Gardening Opportunities

Gardening tends to fall into one of a few categories. You can go with a traditional vegetable or herb garden. You might also spend your time developing the flower beds or flower boxes around your home.

When you add a fountain to your property, though, you can experiment with aquatic plants. These can add a new dimension to your landscaping.

Not sure what kind of fountain you want? There are many options you can see here.

Improve Curb Appeal

While you likely won’t add small or large outdoor water fountains solely for this reason, a water fountain can boost curb appeal. If nothing else, a water fountain can help potential buyers feel more relaxed in the space.

That encourages them to linger a little longer. The longer they stay, the more opportunity there is for them to picture themselves and their things in that space. Despite adding curb appeal, though, outdoor water fountains don’t typically add financial value to the home.

Attract Wildlife

Clean water isn’t always rare, but it’s always attractive to local wildlife. Birds and frogs, in particular, will find a water fountain alluring. Birds will stop by to drink.

If you’re interested in how lifecycles happen, you may even see a complete frog lifecycle from eggs to tadpole and finally to fully formed frogs. Watch out for their croaking, though.

Mental Health

It turns out that interacting with nature offers some real benefits. If you go exploring nature, you get some cardiovascular exercise and fresh air. Things that many office-bound adults find lacking in their lives.

It also turns out that interacting with nature benefits your mental health as well. For the busy suburban family, though, this can also prove challenging.

A traditional or modern outdoor water fountain can help you bridge the gap. The fountain can help replicate the look and sound of a stream.

Is an Outdoor Water Fountain Right for You?

Available space will often determine if an outdoor water fountain is the right move for your home. If you suffer from highly-limited yard space, any size water feature may prove a non-starter.

If you enjoy a spacious backyard and limited time for exploring nature, though, a fountain can prove a solid choice. You add curb appeal, get new gardening options, attract some local wildlife, and even support your mental health.

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