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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a TV Lift

Over 307 million Americans aged two and over live in households with a TV. While it’s a rarity to find a home without a TV, new TV lift options allow us to choose whether we want our television sets to be on show or not.

Many see TV lifts as a perfect solution for those who want the immersive experience of a large TV screen but don’t have the unlimited space to display such a large TV set. Being able to hide your television in plain sight means not having to choose between your viewing pleasure and the comfort of your living space. 

But how do you know which TV stand to choose? Keep reading to find out the top factors to consider!


A TV lift cabinet might come complete with some pretty impressive technology but first and foremost it’s an item of furniture. And that means the style has to match the rest of your home. For example, the stunning Wildwood TV lift furniture range comes in several styles, including mid-century modern to transitional, as well as a range of different cabinet sizes and designs. 

TV Size and Weight Capacity

A second important consideration is the capacity of the TV lift to lift and hide your TV set. 

If your TV is an older model, it may be heavier than some lifts can stand. Likewise, if your TV has an especially large screen, you’ll need to find a TV lift cabinet with enough space to contain it. Most mechanisms can lift up to 145 lbs but you should still check the compatibility for both the size and weight before you make a decision. 

Storage Options 

Many TV stand cabinets come with non-functioning display doors for added aesthetic appeal. But if you want to make the most of the limited space in your home, it may make more sense to seek out a TV stand cabinet with storage space included. Some models include functional cabinet doors and display shelves, offering you the perfect hidden entertainment center. 


The placement of your TV lift cabinet is another important factor. If you plan to place it against a wall in your living room, a visible rear might not be an issue.

But 64 percent of Americans have a TV in their master bedroom. If you wanted a TV stand for the foot of your bed, you’ll need a cabinet with all four sides. 

Your Guide to Choosing a TV Lift

We don’t know about you but the first time we saw a TV lift we instantly knew that it was a game-changer for our homes! TV lifts mean not having to choose between the home entertainment center we want and the decor style we love. 

But, the TV lift cabinet itself has to be the right fit, both for your style and the type of TV you have, so it’s worth taking your time and considering what kind you want. And, with this guide to help you, all that should be a whole lot easier now!

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