The Ultimate Guide to Smart Showers

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Showers

Brilliant showers connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and control water temperature via a sophisticated digital thermostatic valve. They can also be integrated with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit for voice activation.

Temperature Control

An intelligent shower uses sensors, thermostatic valves, and digital interfaces to give you more control over your bathroom experience. A simple lever twist or tap on a digital screen lets you adjust settings to your liking.

Many brilliant showers also have safety features that prevent scalding, which can be particularly harmful to children and elderly family members. Some even collect usage data, helping you to be more environmentally conscious with your water consumption.

Many brilliant showers are compatible with home assistants like Alexa, enabling hands-free and remote control through voice activation. This makes it easy to set your shower as you wake up, get ready for bed, or start the water as you head out the door for a workout.

Water Pressure

All the temperature and water flow control work is done in a robust processor unit hidden away in the airing cupboard or loft. This allows your smart shower to offer a broader range of programmable features than a digital shower, including safety modes that prevent children or older adults from scalding themselves and a mode that helps recovery after exercise and sports.

Smart Showers can also be controlled using your phone or home assistant compatibility, further expanding their remit. They collect usage data so you can keep track of your water consumption and shower much more consciously. Some Smart Showers even have hydrotherapy modes that vary water pressure and temperature to simulate spa-like experiences.

Another excellent feature of an intelligent shower is the steam shower which can help with relaxation, health, and luxury. Depending on the model you choose, the cost varies, and it can also come with piped-in aromas, lighting, and music to make your experience even more luxurious


An intelligent shower with a timer is great because it helps you avoid water waste. Upon motion detection, the device starts a timer and, at a predetermined time, plays a sound byte (music, question, ring tone, trivia, comedy, brainteaser, or information) to divert attention, indicating it is time to exit the shower.

This is especially helpful for people who have kids because it prevents them from spending too much time in the tub. The technology also lets the users know how long they have been taking a shower, giving them more awareness of their water and energy consumption.

Some innovative shower systems have battery backup, which can help save the user’s data even when the power is off. Others are integrated with intelligent applications for easy operation and control.

Remote Control

When you invest in a brilliant shower, you’re buying more than just a new fixture. These digital systems have a control panel and valve that connect directly to your home’s hot and cold water lines.

The control box and its electronic components react based on your preferences and settings. It also monitors your water usage to help you cut back on wasteful showering habits.

As technology continues to advance, our devices and appliances are becoming more innovative. From televisions, you can turn on with voice commands to refrigerators that remind you you’re out of milk, there are plenty of smart gadgets to choose from. But brilliant showers are one of the best places to start. They offer a blend of convenience, customization, and sustainability that’s unmatched.

Voice Activation

Like other smart home products, many brilliant showers can be activated by voice. This allows for hands-free control and a seamless experience.

They can also help keep your family safe by preventing scalding. They can also limit how high the water temperature can be, which helps reduce your home’s energy consumption.

In addition, intelligent showers can be controlled remotely, and some feature a battery backup. This means that in the unlikely event of a power loss, your shower won’t automatically turn on, saving you from wasted water and water bills. Brilliant showers offer a unique combination of comfort and efficiency, embracing the needs of modern living and environmental stewardship.

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