Tips for Brisbane property owners on choosing between Mitsubishi and Dakin air-con systems

Tips for Brisbane property owners on choosing between Mitsubishi and Dakin air-con systems

Obtaining a new home or property offers an opportunity to make plans and adapt the space to personal requirements and styles. It is a chance to replace things already in situ in an older building with new up-to-date amenities.

Living in Queensland can be hot work. Going about daily tasks is tiring when faced with the hot climate, meaning that every bit of assistance available needs to be grabbed to help keep down temperatures. That is why installing a good air con system is essential indoors, but which one to choose? Is Mitsubishi Better Than Daikin for instance?

Choosing between the two companies is subjective and depends on the requirements of the property and those who will be inside it. They are two big hitters with a history going back to their Japanese roots in the 1920s. Both can be supplied around Brisbane by a firm with 22 years of experience who knows the market inside out and offers superb customer service and the best advice.

Much depends on what is being looked for, and whether a ducted or split air conditioning suits best. Both highly reputable companies offer top-of-the-range units and need consideration. Each carries a 5- year warranty so additional after-sales support might be the thing that sways a decision. Additional comfort can be added when householders consider tips to living a natural life in Australia.

Mitsubishi Electric has over a century of experience behind it as the company continues to innovate to offer the best items for its many loyal customers. They use advanced technology, which along with the very best after-sales service naturally makes them popular, with their wide range of units, and capacities. They look good with quality finishes and different colours which sees them stay ahead of many of their competitors. Their high-speed cooling and quiet outdoor units make them popular with those arriving home hot and bothered as well as neighbours. However, they can be quite expensive and obtaining stock is sometimes awkward because of their demand along with global shipping issues.

Dakin on the other hand, has higher EER & ACOP on split system models. Like its competitor in this article, the company is dedicated to research and new developments, specializing solely in producing the best air con products. Some local manufacturing shows they care for the Australian market, which has led to their popularity around the country. Some of their models allow for the re-use of existing copper piping which is good for the environment and saves the customer cash, some of which might be spent at local markets.

The smart designs are easy to install on Queensland roof truss designs while the refrigerated cooled PCBs improve reliability. On the downside, they can be louder than other brands, particularly their larger ducted systems. Warranty times can sometimes take a little longer and overseas shipping has also been affected of late.

Choosing between the excellent Mitsubishi and Dakin air-con systems is subjective, with experts waiting to offer the best advice from the leading Brisbane suppliers.

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