Chew toys for dogs aren't just a fun thing for your dogs to play with, they actually have real benefits! Learn what they are here.

Top 5 Benefits of Chew Toys for Dogs

Did you know that about two million dogs get adopted every year? If you’re getting ready to take home a new furry friend, there are some basics that you’re going to need.

While it’s easy to remember a leash, collar, and bed, some items might escape your notice. For example, chew toys for dogs.

Keep reading to learn more about why chew toys are good for dogs (beyond the obvious).

One: Protect Your Shoes

Chewing is natural for dogs. When canines chew on raw bones in the wild, they get necessary nutrients, including calcium.

In addition, like humans, puppies will go through a teething stage, which will increase the need to chew. If your dog is chewing on your shoes or furniture, your belongings will quickly be ruined.

But, you shouldn’t punish or discourage behavior that comes naturally to your pup. It’s important to redirect the behavior, so they are still meeting their natural needs, and your shoes are safe for another day.

Two: Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Not only does chewing help puppies with teething, but it also helps with oral health throughout their life. Chewing can help do the following:

  • Exercise jaw muscles
  • Scrape plaque and tartar off teeth
  • Prevent periodontal disease
  • Soothe discomfort

There are dog chews created specifically for oral health. In addition, chewing raw bones as toys for oral health can help break down tartar on dogs’ teeth because of the enzymes provided.

Three: Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Chewing can also be a response to stress and anxiety in your dog. If you leave and come home to find your pillows torn to pieces and other signs of your dog destroying your house, they might be experiencing separation anxiety.

This is especially true for adopted dogs.

It’s important to provide appropriate outlets for stressed and anxious dogs. Different types of dog toys can provide that outlet, including chew toys.

Four: Mental Stimulation

Do you have a high-energy dog? Or just a dog who needs something to keep them occupied?

You can only take your dog on so many walks throughout the day. Finding ways to provide mental stimulation and relieve boredom is important.

Chewing toys can help provide that. For example, buying nylon dog bones can help keep your pup’s mind and body occupied whilst chewing something that they are allowed to, keeping your home neat and tidy.

Five: Bonding Time

Dog toys like ropes provide great items to chew on; however, they also benefit from allowing you to play with your dog. You can play tug with your dog, which will help you strengthen your bond with your pup.

HELP: My Dog Destroys Chew Toys

If your dog destroys chew toys, replacing them can quickly become quite expensive. However, all hope is not lost.

There are indestructible dog toys you can purchase for dogs that are “ruff” with their toys. In addition, some brands come with lifetime replacement guarantees.

Find the Right Chew Toys for Dogs

Finding the right chew toys for dogs can help with bonding, oral health, mental stimulation, and more. Keep your pup entertained and healthy by picking up a toy they will love.

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