Top Fashion & Beauty Trends in Southeast Asia for 2024

Top Fashion & Beauty Trends in Southeast Asia for 2024

Whether you live in Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore, if you are a fashion queen, you’re probably wondering about the coming year, thinking what to buy to get ready for spring/summer 24. You are in luck, as we take an in-depth look at the fashion scene in southeast Asia for the coming year.

  • Sterling silver jewellery – Silver jewellery looks stunning on tanned skin and that’s why this alluring metal is popular in this part of the world. Expect to see a strong display on the KL and Bangkok catwalks, with droop earrings and layered necklaces.
  • Colored contacts – Some girls who have perfect eyesight are wearing colored contact lenses, with some wild hues to really light up their faces! If you want to look mysterious or powerful, colored contacts are available online, plus they also do clear contacts, if color is not your thing.
  • Floral prints – Bright colors and sharp contrasts are in this coming year; spring collections will be colorful, with yellow sunflowers and daffodils making an appearance. Animal prints have always been a thing and 2024 is no exception; stretch fabric that clings to the body, with tiger and leopard prints, you can’t go wrong!
  • Wild hairstyles – 2024 seems to be the ‘anything goes’ in the hair department and gel allows you to really make a statement. Colored wigs will be seen, mild lavender, deep purple streaks, electric blue, flaming scarlet, are just some of the popular highlight colors.
  • White fabrics – When you have a stunning complexion, why not accentuate this with white, cream or pearl? Regardless of your skin color, wearing white gives you a fresh and vibrant look and let’s face it, white goes with every color!
  • Baggy trousers – Big hip pockets with the military camo look, worn with big bumper shoes for a sexy look. No flair, rather a wide straight cut with a flair at the waist. Rich colors are the order of the day, with oversize trainers and chunky jewellery.
  • Chunky jewellery – This has been with us for a few years, yet hasn’t been seen on Asian catwalks, until now that is; sterling silver is popular and the online jeweller has pages and pages of unique chunky bracelets, necklaces and ankle bracelets.

With online shopping, you get the best deals and whether colored contacts or chunky jewellery, ordering online is a breeze and delivery is free.

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