Type of Cuisines from Around the World That Everyone Should Try

Type of Cuisines from Around the World That Everyone Should Try

Most regions and countries in the world are known for specific cuisines. These cuisines combine local ingredients, spices and cooking practices to give us very different cuisines from these regions and countries. In this article, we look at cuisines that are popular in different regions around the world.


Spanish food consists of a lot of seafood, with this influence coming from the Mediterranean region. The classic Spanish paella combines rich broth, saffron, paprika, lobster, shrimp, cuttlefish and mussels. This combination can change depending on where you get the Spanish food.

Spanish cuisine does not only have a combination of different seafood, as cured meats, mushrooms, chorizo sausage and cooked meat are used in appetisers called tapas. Also, different Spanish regions have their own variations.


Turkish cuisine is heavily influenced by Middle Eastern, European and Asian cuisines. You will find different foods in typical Turkish cuisine, including lamb kebabs, vegetable stews, stuffed dolmas and aubergines. Nuts are also a very common ingredient in numerous Turkish dishes.

An essential part of Turkish cuisine is yoghurt. Plain and spiced yoghurt are included in most Turkish vegetable and meat dishes. Cheese is also an important part of Turkish cuisine. For beverages, Turks love aryan, a yoghurt drink, as well as hot black tea and strong coffee.


India is known for spicy and romantic dishes. Its cuisines use a combination of herbs, chillies and spices, meaning Indian food is typically very spicy. However, different countries have adopted Indian dishes, cooking them the same but eliminating some spices to make them less spicy.

Indian cuisine is interesting because every region in the country has its ethnic dishes, so you have a vast selection to choose from. You should find an authentic Indian restaurant to enjoy Indian cuisine without visiting the country. You can find local Indian dishes at a Bristol Indian restaurant and be assured that the food is as it would be in its home country.


Chinese cuisine is one of the most influential cuisines in the world, and it has inspired dishes in other parts of the world. It is also known and consumed in all countries with a significant Chinese population.

Chinese food staples include soy sauce, tofu, noodles and rice. Dumplings are also very common in Chinese cuisine. These foods include a filling wrapped around in dough and then cooked differently depending on the region. If you ever order Chinese food, be sure to order Peking duck which is a dish of duck served with a sweet bean sauce, cucumber, spring onion and small pancakes.

Most Chinese food is consumed using chopsticks instead of spoons, knives and forks like in other parts of the world.


Caribbean cuisine is influenced by African, Cajun, European and Middle Eastern cuisines. Rice is a staple in these cuisines, but they also include plantains, tomatoes, meats, chickpeas and coconuts. Spice is also very common, and Caribbean cuisines have a powerful kick if you are not prepared for the spice.

Everyone should experience foods from different countries and regions at least once. You might find out that you like a particular food so much that it becomes a staple.

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