From clip-in to tape-in to everything in between, when you want to add length to your hair, discover the different types of hair extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered about the options accessible for women who want longer, thicker hair? Perhaps you’re even considering putting in hair extensions!

Natural hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your own locks are a total confidence booster, some women may be unaware of the different types of hair extension they have available.

Do you want to learn more about the best type of hair extensions for 2022? If so, continue reading below to discover our complete guide on the types of hair extensions and how to choose the best one for you!

Types of Hair Extensions: Clip-in 

Clip-in hair extensions are a popular option for those looking for a temporary solution to adding length to hair. Clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of colors and styles to match any hair type and can be easily applied at home. Although clip-in extensions are not a permanent solution, they are a great option for those looking for a quick and easy way to change their look.

They are also relatively affordable, making them a great option for those on a budget. Clip-in hair extensions are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect look to match your own hair.


Applied using pressure-sensitive tape are semi-permanent hair extensions called tape-in hair extensions, This is simply done by sandwiching a small section of your natural hair between two extension tabs and then pressing the tabs together to secure them in place.

Tape-in hair extensions are usually made from real human hair, which means they can be styled just like your own hair.

Micro Ring Loop 

Made with small loops of hair that are attached to your natural hair with micro rings is the micro ring loop hair extension. The rings are small and invisible, so they are hardly noticeable. The advantage of this type of extension is that it is very comfortable to wear and does not damage your hair.

Keratin Bonded 

Keratin bonded hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions because they are quick and easy to apply. They are also very versatile and can be worn in many different styles. They are made of real human hair and are attached to your natural hair with a keratin bond.

The bond is strong and flexible, and it can last up to several months with proper care.


This involves sewing in wefts of hair onto your natural hair, close to the scalp. This type of extension is popular because it is a low-maintenance option, and can last up to 8 weeks with proper care. They are also less likely to damage your natural hair than other types of extensions, like clip-ins.

This type of extension is usually made from human hair and is sewn onto the wearer’s existing hair, close to the scalp. 

Choose the Best One for You

There are many contrasting types of hair extensions to choose from, including clip-in, tape-in, and sew-in extensions. You can find the perfect kind of extension for your needs by doing research and consulting with a professional. With the proper care, your hair extensions can last for months or even years.

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