Not all carpets are created equal in today's day and age. Here are the many different types of carpets that are available today.

What Are the Many Different Types of Carpets That Exist Today?

Did you know that carpet is one of the most common types of flooring installed in new homes? Carpet is great for keeping your home warm, soundproofing, and providing comfort that other types of flooring cannot. 

Whether you want to add carpet to your entire house or just the bedroom, you first need to know about the different types of carpets. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best carpet for your home. 

Cut Pile Saxony 

One of the most common carpet styles is Saxony. This type of carpet is soft, luxurious, and has a smooth appearance.

Saxony carpet has fiber ends that are cut evenly and tightly. The fibers are approximately half an inch long. The only downside to having a Saxony carpet in your home is that it is easily damaged by moving furniture. 

If you are looking for an affordable carpet, choosing a Saxony carpet made from olefin fibers could be the best option. 

Cut Pile Textured

Another common type of cut pile carpet is textured carpet. Textured carpet is often made from nylon. Nylon carpet is more durable than other types of carpet, and you will have an easier time getting rid of carpet stains

A textured carpet is made by twisting the yarn and then cutting. This creates a more relaxed appearance. This type of carpet is ideal for homes with kids. 

Cut Pile Frieze

Do you want to install carpet in an area with high foot traffic? If so, Frieze could be the best option for you. Frieze carpet has short fibers, and the fibers curl in all different directions. 

Because the carpet fibers are so short, this type of carpet is resistant to heavy traffic and stains. When you think of a typical shag rug, you are probably thinking of Frieze carpeting. 


Instead of having fibers that are loose on the ends, the fibers in the Berber carpet are tucked into the carpet to create loops. Because there are tight loops, this carpet style is durable. 

The main downside to Berber carpeting is that it is not as comfortable as other types of carpets. This is because the carpet does not have much padding. 

Level Loop

The main difference between Berber and level loop carpeting is that with level loop, the loops are tighter. This creates a carpet that is more stiff and durable than Berber. This type of carpet works well in high-traffic areas. 


If you are looking for a type of carpet that is unique, you should consider patterned carpet. Patterned carpet uses different combinations of fiber lengths, loops, and designs. You can get patterned carpets in tons of different colors and styles. 

This type of carpet works best in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. 

Now You Know the Different Types of Carpet 

Choosing a new carpet is a big decision. To choose the best carpet, you will need to decide what type best fits your needs. The most common types of carpet are Saxony, textured, Frieze, Berber, level loop, and patterned. 

Now that you know about the different types of carpets, are you ready to choose one for your home? If you want more home advice, be sure to check out more from the home and garden category!

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