Whether you want to germinate or prevent it from happening, you need to know how to germinate cannabis seeds if you handle them.

What Should You Do to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Are you growing cannabis plants for the first time?

Growing marijuana is difficult, and you may have to start over several times before harvesting. Having the proper growing setup and using good seeds will help.

And once you have your first plant, you’ll understand what conditions they like as they mature. The only way to learn is to start from the beginning.

The beginning means germinating your cannabis seeds. Read on to learn how to germinate cannabis seeds is critical for those starting.

Gather Supplies

The supplies you will need for this task include types of cannabis seeds, a growing medium (soil, seed starter mix, etc.), water, and a damp paper towel. Depending on the desired strain of cannabis, you may also need more supplies such as nutrients, pH test meters, and other tools.

Prepare the Germination Environment

To prepare the germination environment for cannabis seeds, the first step would be ensuring the environment has proper temperature, humidity, and light. Seedlings germinate best in a warm climate around 77°F (25°C).

It is also essential that the environment maintains relative humidity. The seeds should receive 16-20 hours of low-level light daily while keeping them in a dark place when not exposed to the light.

With the proper care, your cannabis seeds from Cannabis Seeds Australia should germinate and continue to thrive.

Place the Seeds on the Paper Towel

Place the paper towel on a plate, moisten it to the point where it is damp, not wet, and place the seeds on the paper towel. Make sure the paper towel does not touch the bottom of the plate. Place the container in a warm room between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cover With Another Damp Paper Towel

To germinate cannabis seeds, select brown, good-looking, and firm roots. Soak them in water for up to 24 hours and remove any seeds that float to the top.

Place the seeds between two damp paper towels and cover with another wet paper towel. Place the damp paper towels in a warm, dark environment, such as a zip-lock bag, as light can inhibit germination. Keep the paper towels moist but not soaking wet by misting them with water a few times daily.

Check for Moisture

One way to check for moisture is to pinch the seed. If it springs back, it has enough water. You will want to add moisture to the seed if it doesn’t.

The most popular way to add moisture is to place the seeds in a damp paper towel and put them in a baggy for 12 to 24 hours. This will ensure the source absorbs enough water to start the germination process.

Transplant the Germinated Seeds

Once the sprouts have appeared, the germinated cannabis seeds can be transplanted into their desired growing environment. These are soil, coco coir, hydroponics, or aeroponics.

The ground should be pre-moistened. The seedlings should be transplanted into the desired container at the same depth as before germination. Once the seedlings are transplanted, they should be watered with a pH-balanced nutrient solution.

Know How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds Now

Regularly check the seeds to ensure they are in a moist environment. When cannabis seeds have been germinated, they can be planted and grown.

To be successful at germinating cannabis seeds, ensure they are kept in a warm environment away from direct sunlight. Start to germinate cannabis seeds journey today and watch your plants flourish!

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