What To Do With Your Extra Land

What To Do With Your Extra Land

Perhaps you have an extra piece of land near your home or across town. It isn’t developed, but now you’d like to do something with it. There are plenty of options, so consider a few of the following.

Start a Building Project

You may want to start a building project. Its scope will depend, of course, on the size of your land. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about a brand new house. If your land is smaller, you might be thinking about a garage and workshop combination. Even a playhouse for the kids would be a great option if the land adjoins your other property. If it doesn’t, you might build a cabin or even a business building. Hire a land development specialist to help you determine if your land is right for your project.

Create a Play Space

The idea of a playhouse might get you thinking about creating a play space on your extra land. A playhouse can certainly be an element of that, but playground equipment, a croquet area or a volleyball/badminton net may also find a spot. If there is enough room, even consider a baseball diamond, basketball court or swimming pool. The whole neighborhood will quickly find your play area, and you’ll all have fun.

Consider Selling

Finally, you may not have the budget to allow you to do anything with your extra land at this point. In that case, you may want to consider selling, especially if you need the money. Do some research about what land is going for in your area, and talk to a real estate agent for more details about the process. You can always decide against selling if the time isn’t right, but at least you’ll have the information to make a good choice.

Your extra land doesn’t have to sit idle. You can develop or sell it according to your needs, but be sure to consider all your options.

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