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What to Expect During a CoolSculpting Treatment

Are you considering a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment like CoolSculpting at home?

If you have stubborn areas on your body that you simply can’t lose weight from, it might seem like a dream come true to have a treatment that targets fat cells.

We could all use a few less fat cells, right? Right!

Want to learn more about getting a CoolSculpting treatment in Kamloops? Want to know what to expect?

Keep reading. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about CoolSculpting Kamloops.

Consultation And Treatment Planning

CoolSculpting treatments begin with a consultation. During the consultation, your provider will review your goals and examine the areas you would like to target. The provider may also discuss different applicator sizes and treatment areas. After your consultation, you and your CoolSculpting practitioner will come up with a customized treatment plan that you feel confident about.

The plan will include the areas you are looking to target and the number of treatment cycles required to reach optimal results. Consider the types of applicators that may be used, any pre- or post-treatment advice you may need, and anticipated costs.

The Preparation

CoolSculpting at CosmetiCare can help you reshape your body with quick, non-invasive treatment. Before the session, the patient should make sure to hydrate properly. This helps the skin to remain elastic during the suction process. It’s also important to wear comfortable clothing so that the doctor can easily access the area to be treated.

Patients should also avoid sun exposure prior to the session. During the actual treatment, patients should be prepared for some cooling and suction sensation. This shouldn’t be too intense and should remain tolerable.

Following the treatment, patients might experience a bit of skin numbness, which usually subsides in a couple of hours. CoolSculpting is an easy and low-cost procedure that can be completed quite rapidly.

Applicator Placement And Cooling Process

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that uses controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate stubborn fat. The body treatments begin with the clinician placing an applicator on the targeted area and safely suctioning the fat. The applicator is maintained in contact with the area for a few minutes to ensure proper coolant delivery.

After the placement of the applicator, the cooling process then begins. The patient typically feels cold or a sensation of pressure/suction, which is normal. As the procedure progresses, the sensation of cooling and/or pressure should subside as the area gradually becomes numb.

The whole process takes approximately one hour, and the clinician will check in periodically throughout to ensure the patient is comfortable. The sensation of numbness should last for several hours after the treatment, and results can be seen 3-4 weeks after treatment.

Prepare Yourself For Coolsculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting treatment is an effective, noninvasive, and safe treatment that results in permanent fat loss. The possibilities are great, and most patients are able to return to their regular activities directly after the procedure. Consult a medical professional to discuss if it is the right option to achieve your desired results. 

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