When it comes to incorporating kratom into your daily routine to produce the desired effect, discover the best way to take kratom!

What’s the Best Way to Take Kratom?

Kratom is a plant-based substance that is commonly used to treat pain and opioid withdrawal. There are other benefits of taking kratom including boosting energy, managing anxiety, boosting the immune system, treating diabetes, and improving concentration.

Are you wondering how to take kratom? Keep reading to learn about the best way to take kratom for you and your needs.

Make Kratom Tea

The best way to use kratom conveniently is to make tea. To brew the tea, you use only powdered kratom leaves. You don’t want to use extracts since the water’s heat can hinder an extract’s effectiveness, and extracts tend to be more expensive.

To prepare your kratom tea, measure out about 15 grams of powdered leaf, and boil about four cups of water. You can use more water if you want to dilute the flavor even more. 

Then pour the kratom leaf powder into a cup with a pouring lip. Pour the boiling water on top of the powder. Then stir to mix thoroughly and make sure there are no clumps in the cup. 

If you want to cut down on the bitter taste, stir in some honey, sugar, or artificial sweetener. Then let the mixture cool for about 15 minutes.

Take Kratom Capsules

If you don’t like the taste of powder and you wonder how to take kratom another way, you can consider taking kratom capsules. You can find wholesale kratom capsules that are pre-filled with a set amount, so the dosage is set.

Take the number of capsules you want. It’s best to start small and read the directions on the bottle. Then you simply swallow the pills with water and you don’t have to taste the powder, which is one of the biggest benefits of kratom capsules vs powder.

Toss ‘N’ Wash

One of the more common ways of taking kratom power is called toss ‘n’ wash. This method is simple and fast, and you don’t have to do much prep.

You measure how much kratom you want to take and put it in your mouth. Then wash it down with a lot of water. You will feel the effects pretty quickly with this method.

The biggest downside of this method is the taste. People who use this method said it gets better over time, but it’s not a great flavor.

Mix Kratom With Food

You can also mix kratom with delicious food like apple sauce and ice cream. You can mix it with chocolate almond milk or protein powder to make a shake.

Kratom has a strong flavor, so you need to make sure you blend it well with whatever food you choose. You don’t reduce the power of kratom when you take it food, but taking kratom on an empty stomach may change its effects on you.

Best Way to Take Kratom

These are some of the more common ways to take kratom. You have to determine the best way to take kratom for you. If you have issues with the taste, it’s probably best to take capsules or mix with food, or if you want the strongest effects, try the toss ‘n’ wash method.

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