Why Furniture Rentals Are Increasingly Popular

Why Furniture Rentals Are Increasingly Popular

Furniture rentals have become increasingly popular as they provide convenience, flexibility, and savings. There are many companies to choose from, each offering their lines of furniture or name brands. People who frequently move between apartments find renting furniture convenient and cheaper than buying large pieces that may not work in another home. They also avoid the cost of hiring movers.


Whether you’re a young professional who can’t afford to commit to one job for decades, an apartment renter in transition, or a homeowner without the budget to buy furniture for a new home, renting is a great option. Furniture rental companies offer a quick and convenient way to furnish a space for any length of time, and they’ll come and remove the items when you’re ready to take them back. The rent-to-own model is the most common type of preferred furniture rental  available. You walk into a store, choose your furniture and pay for it in installments until you’ve paid it off.  A new breed of online furniture rentals offers a similar experience. These subscription brands offer style consultations and white glove delivery, and they use a floor plan to measure your space to get the most accurate possible fit for your pieces. Companies prioritize a low environmental impact, reducing plastic packaging and keeping furniture out of landfills.

Save Money

Most home furniture is expensive, especially if you’re looking for higher-end pieces. Then there are shipping, delivery, and set-up fees to consider. But renting home furniture comes with much lower upfront costs.

Many companies offer affordable packages that include modern furnishing options and on-trend decor. Many deals can be found on furnishings and accessories at consignment stores, dc estate sales, and online marketplaces.

But even when you can score some good discounts if you plan on keeping your furniture for the long haul, buying rather than renting may be more cost-effective. That’s especially true if you can find an option that makes sense with your specific floor plan that works off of the dimensions of your space. They even coordinate white glove delivery and offer style consultations to match personal styles. They also work with manufacturers directly to ensure they’re getting the lowest possible prices on every piece. That way, they pass on the savings to their customers.


As a home stager, you often work on tight deadlines with specific client budgets. You may also be required to furnish multiple homes in a short period. Renting furniture can be a great option if you are still looking for the perfect pieces at thrift or online stores. Many rental furniture companies offer whole-home furnishing packages. These include living room, dining room, and bedroom furnishings in various styles and sizes. This saves you the time and hassle of shopping around and finding individual pieces that match together. Additionally, you can customize the look and feel of your rental furniture by adding decor and accessories. This can help buyers envision themselves in the space and make the space feel more like home. If you’re concerned about the style of your furniture going out of fashion, renting might not be the right choice for you. However, most rental furniture companies only use high-quality new and used products that have passed a quality inspection. Plus, you can always purchase your furniture at the end of the lease term for a steep discount.


Purchasing home furniture is often a big financial commitment. Those short on cash or not ready to invest a lump sum in one piece of furniture often find it difficult to make their new house feel like a home. Renting home furniture can help with this problem. Many rental companies offer various leasing options, from weekly to monthly and yearly. Some even provide a payment plan that allows consumers to purchase their rented furniture pieces after a certain number of months. There are several furniture rental companies that offers flexible leases and swaps. Their process begins with a style quiz, and you’re offered pieces that work with your aesthetic and the space you have available. They also have a variety of room packages that include living, dining, and bedroom furnishings. These are great for a new apartment or house that needs to be fully furnished quickly.


The ethos of recycling home furniture has become popular among many due to its environmental benefits. It saves energy, reduces the effects of global warming, and helps conserve forests and some of the planet’s most endangered animal species. It’s also a great idea to extend the life of a piece of furniture if there’s nothing structurally wrong with it. This allows you to avoid buying a new piece altogether and give your old one a brand-new lease on life, whether turning it into an office desk or a flowerbed! Some furniture rental companies are even more committed to the sustainability of their products and offer an eco-friendly alternative to purchasing new furniture. They use recycled paper and cardboard for their products, which isn’t a big surprise considering millennials found them! 

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