Renovating and remodeling your yard is a rewarding task. When it comes to your yard makeover, here are 3 pro tips for landscaping.

Yard Makeover: 3 Pro Tips for Landscaping

The landscaping market industry currently holds a value of $114.6 billion in 2021. Over the last five years, the market size of the Landscaping Services industry in the United States has grown 5.1 percent per year, and it’s expected to continue on that trajectory.

Landscaping businesses continue the pop up throughout the country, with Florida (8,758) and California (8,288) leading the way. Looking to professionals in this industry has helped homeowners in the U.S. add curb appeal to their properties for years. 

Single-family residences continue to drive growth in this market. And if you’re looking to renovate the look and feel of your yard, here are three pro tips for landscaping.

1. Plant for Year-Round Appeal

One of the best tips for landscaping is using annuals in your yard. Annuals provide several benefits, including adding a level of constancy to your garden. These plants help your budget by staying in bloom for months at a time, whereas other plants come and go with the different seasons. 

These versatile plants can be used as perennial borders for your botanical gardens. They can be consolidated in flower beds or pots in high-visibility areas to maximize their use. 

Evergreens, like boxwood shrubs, maintain their leaves and color year-round. If placed near your house, an evergreen shrub helps soften the vertical lines of your home and provides consistent cover.

2. Create Curved Lines

Another of the tips for landscaping is incorporating curved lines. Straight and narrow lines in your landscaping lend a formal feel to your yard. If that’s not the look you’re going for, consider creating curved lines through your garden to add interest and appeal. 

Using curved lines helps soften the rigid edges of fences, foundations, and other structural features. These lines help in remodeling your yard by connecting with the natural look of native plants through an asymmetrical design.

Curving the retaining wall of your flower bed gives it character and creates visual interest. Landscaping your yard with a retaining wall helps prevent soil erosion, too.

3. Light Your Paths and Focal Points

Adding light is one of those landscaping tips that gets overlooked at times. And of these three tips for landscaping, incorporating lighting elements for your pathways and focal points has the potential to add the most curb appeal. 

Landscape lighting stands out as both aesthetically pleasing and safety conscious. You’ve spent so much time and effort remodeling your yard that it deserves to be seen once the sun is down. 

You can use lights to illuminate steps and sidewalks for safety, but also to showcase a focal point. If you have a pond, island, or a particularly stately tree, you’ll want to highlight those after dark. Light also makes the entrance to your home warm and inviting. 


Calling professionals like Grass Doctor Landscape Inc will take remodeling your yard to the next level. This company specializes in drought-tolerant landscaping and xeriscaping. They’ll find the right flowers for your southern California property.

Tips for Landscaping and More

A good yard makeover can elevate the curb appeal of any property. And following these tips for landscaping can help you do just that.

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