Making your yard welcoming is the key to attracting birds. Read on to discover the complete guide to attracting birds to your yard here.

Your 5 Step Guide to Attracting Birds to Your Yard

Are you looking for ways to attract beautiful and colorful birds to your yard? Do you want to learn more about what intrigues birds to visit one yard over another? If so, then you need to take the time to read about attracting birds to your yard the right way.

Many companies will try to tell you that their product can lure your favorite species to your backyard, but what really drives them to set foot on your property?

See below for an in-depth guide listing the best way to attract birds to your yard so that you can add to your list of species seen on your property.

1. Be Intentional

Did you know that different types of birdseed attract different types of birds? If you’ve found yourself jealous that a loved one always has cardinals visiting their backyard, you should know that isn’t by accident. It’s no coincidence that cardinals are visiting one yard over the other.

Don’t just lay out birdseed to see what birds you get. Some blends don’t appeal to any species. Instead, you’ll be fighting off the squirrels that set up shop in your trees.

Learn about the different types of food that your favorite bird species enjoys. For example, cardinals enjoy sunflower seeds and white milo. If you’re looking for an option you can make at home, simply crush up some peanuts and place them in your birdfeeder.

You may have noticed that blue jays are typically seen where cardinals visit. That isn’t a coincidence, either. They both, for the most part, share the same taste in food. Blue jays love sunflower seeds and crushed peanuts, while also having a huge craving for suet.

Naturally, this will invite more species to your birdfeeder as well. If you have a particular bird that you want to see visiting your yard, be more intentional about the food you set out.

2. Provide Them a Bath

Contrary to popular belief, bird baths aren’t just used for birds to wash off on, although that is a primary reason. It’s also used to ensure that the birds around your property are staying hydrated and healthy.

Depending on where you live, water might not be a readily available resource. Installing a birdbath in your backyard will guarantee that you have different species of birds visit far more often. In fact, it isn’t unusual for you to see the same birds taking a dip or going for a drink regularly.

A birdbath, as the name would imply, allows birds to freshen up their feathers. Birds naturally gravitate to properties with birdbaths so that they can stay clean and hydrated. But here’s the catch: they have to find your birdbath first.

You shouldn’t just expect to set out a birdbath and see birds instantly flock to it like you’re Snow White. If you have bird food in your yard, birds will naturally find their way to the bath. Otherwise, you need to find a way to make the noise of running water, such as a birdbath with a fountain, to draw those birdies in.

3. It’s All in the Plants

As it turns out, you aren’t the only one that’s attracted to beautifully colored plants. Just like humans, colors influence a bird’s emotions and moods. Naturally, they tend to gravitate more towards bright colors, which provide a sense of comfort and healthiness—the ideal place to set up a nest.

If you aren’t getting much more than nibbles on your birdfeeder, it might take a few plants to draw birds to your property. Go to your nearest home improvement retailer and look in their plant section for uniquely colored plants. These will catch the bird’s eyes, as they aren’t often found in nature.

Fill that garden with brightly colored flowers to attract all species to your yard. As a bonus, this can also improve your home’s curb appeal if you add them to the front yard as well.

4. Enhance the Number of Feeders

Imagine you’re driving to your favorite fast-food restaurant to grab lunch. Then, when you pull up, you notice that the drive-thru has a line that wraps around the building. Are you going to wait it out? Probably not.

Birds share that mindset with us. If you only have one bird feeder crowded with birds, it can deter other birds from visiting your property, especially if a blue jay is around, since they’re known to be territorial and mean to smaller birds.

Try to have 2 to 3 full birdfeeders at all times. Fill them with different foods to attract all the species in your community to your yard!

5. Add a Bird House

Nature isn’t always kind to birds. They often find themselves using plants and trees to hide from predators that could make their way into your yard.

If you’re looking to entice birds to come to your yard and make residence, provide them with a birdhouse or two to make them feel protected and safe.

Make sure that the birdhouse offers shade and protection. Otherwise, you leave them susceptible to be attacked by a predator such as Eagles and Owls.

Use These Tips for Attracting Birds to Your Yard

Now that you have seen an in-depth list of tips for attracting birds to your yard be sure to use them to your advantage.

Start with step one. What species would you like to see more often in your yard? What food do they prefer? How can you entice them to stay awhile after they’ve visited?

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