Your Guide to Giving Clothes as a Gift

Your Guide to Giving Clothes as a Gift

Buying clothes for someone else is often even more of a challenge than it is buying them for yourself. People have such varying and often unexpected tastes and styles that presuming to know what someone else might like to wear can be a minefield. Even if you know the recipient well and have a good idea of what their style might be, it can be risky to give clothes as a gift. Here are some tips on how to do this successfully.

Did They Ask for Clothing?

Some people prefer to find out straight from the horse’s mouth which gift to give, while others prefer a surprise. If you don’t mind foregoing the surprise element of the gift, you can ask the recipient what they would appreciate most. Clothing is an unlikely request considering how personal it is, so do your best to find out what they would like before spending money if possible.

What Is Their Style?

It is incredibly helpful to have a clear idea of what the recipient’s style is before buying them clothes as a gift. Do they have a strong sense of aesthetics or a preferred material? You can look for unique pieces in stores, such as Burrows & Hare, so that your choices are narrowed down only to include the kind of style your recipient appreciates. The upside of this type of gift-giving is that you might introduce the recipient to a store they love but had never heard of before. If this works, they will most likely be grateful for similar gifts in the future, too.

Do You Know Their Correct Size?

Giving clothes means that you will need to know what size your recipient wears. This can be difficult to find out, especially if you don’t share a home with this person and can’t check the labels of their existing clothes. Of course, if you don’t know what size they are, one-size-fits-all accessories, such as scarves or other decorative items, could be a better option.

Remember the Gift Receipt

If you are unsure of your recipient’s clothes size but still want to buy them an item of clothing, you should make it as straightforward as possible for them to return the gift. Since clothes can be such a hit-or-miss gift, it is important to remember a gift receipt. This means that your recipient can exchange their gift for something they will use or the same item in the correct size.

Don’t Overspend

Even if the recipient of your gift tends to appreciate the finer things in life, that doesn’t mean you should spend too much when picking out a clothing gift. Unless you know exactly which item and size they want, spending a lot of money can take away from the value of the gesture, especially if it turns out that the recipient never wears it anyway.

Giving gifts is more about showing someone that you are thinking of them, so don’t worry as much about elaborate or extravagant gifts, and instead, focus on sharing a meaningful gesture.

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