11 Interesting Facts About Dogs (Number 5 Will Surprise You)

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. But there’s a lot you don’t know about dogs — and some of these nuggets of information may surprise you. From their physical abilities to their behaviors, dogs are an impressive and surprising species.

Curious to learn more? Read on to find out 11 interesting facts about dogs!

1. You Won’t See a Sweating Dog

When it comes to interesting facts about dogs, a big one is that dogs don’t sweat in the same way humans do. When humans exercise or feel hot, our sweat glands produce sweat that is visible on our skin. Dogs don’t have the high number of sweat glands that humans do — though when they do sweat they do so through their paws.

For dogs, panting usually is the answer when they need a release. When you see a dog panting, it’s simply trying to cool itself.

2. When You Yawn, Your Dog Will Yawn

The next time you yawn, look over and see if your dog is yawning, too. While humans have a tendency to mimic each other’s behavior, dogs will mimic human behavior, too!

When you’re starting to fade as the clock approaches your bedtime, make sure that your dog is near to watch you yawn. They might just reciprocate the action.

3. Dogs Understand Time

If you’ve ever felt like your dog knows when it’s time to go for a walk or sleep at night, your intuition is right. Dog are perceptive creatures, and they can understand the progression of time. They even can sense when you’ve been at work for a longer or shorter period of time.

When you change your schedule, your dog is going to know. Especially if you start a new job or leave town, you’ll want to reassure your dog and show it plenty of love since it will notice the change.

4. Dogs and Toddlers Are on the Same Level

When you see a toddler toddling around and splurting out words, know that your dog is about as smart. Dogs and toddlers both can comprehend a limited number of words. And they can retain certain gestures.

While linking a dog with a toddler might not sound like a big compliment for the dog, this is a higher level of mental ability than most experts previously assigned to dogs.

5. One of the Most Surprising Facts About Dogs? One Breed Can Outrun a Cheetah

You may be aware that greyhounds have a long history as a racing dog. But did you know that they have the ability to outrun a cheetah? While cheetahs might have the edge in a short sprint, these long and lean dogs would win a longer race.

You can count this as one of the more unique reasons to get a dog. If you own a lot of land and want to see one of the fastest animals on land, a greyhound is a good bet.

6. Every Dog Nose Print is Unique

Human fingerprints are a unique way of identifying individual humans, and it turns out that dog noses function in the same way. If you made a print from the front of a dog’s nose, you wouldn’t be able to find another one like it.

7. Dogs Have an Amazing Sense of Smell

There’s a reason dogs are used to sniff for clues at crime scenes or detect the presence of illegal substances. They have an amazing sense of smell! In fact, researchers think that a dog’s nose may be able to smell up to 100,000 more odors than a human’s nose.

When you’re unpacking fresh bacon and your dog hangs around you in the kitchen, now you know why.

8. Dogs Can Hear a Lot Better than Humans

Not only do dogs detect scents a lot better than humans, but they also hear better. Dogs are better equipped to hear higher-pitched sounds that humans cannot hear. But like humans, dogs lose their hearing as they age.

For dogs living in the wild, having super-sensitive hearing lets them know when their prey is approaching. This is helpful when they’re hoping to evade a predator or catch their next meal.

9. You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure By Petting a Dog

Yes, that’s right — you can lower your blood pressure by petting a dog. Dogs have a calming effect on people. So it only makes sense that a little bit of petting can do a lot of good for your stress levels and heart rate!

10. Dogs Should Not Eat Chocolate

One of the most important dog facts to be aware of is that dogs cannot consume chocolate. If you own a dog, you’ll want to make sure that any chocolate candy, cake, or cookies are stored safely out of reach.

Theobromine is the problematic ingredient in chocolate for dogs. Dogs can’t digest it properly, and ultimately it becomes a poisonous presence in their digestive system.

11. Puppies Can’t Hear When They Are Born

We all love looking at cute puppies, but when we talk to them, they can’t hear us. This holds true for the first few weeks of their lives.

Eventually, puppies start to develop their hearing at about their third week. Find out how you can add an adorable and perceptive puppy to your life — and what to avoid.

Dogs Are Full of Surprises

While we may like to think that we know everything there is to know about dogs, they are full of surprises. Knowing a few fun facts about dogs makes these loveable creatures that much more appealing. If you’re not a dog owner yet, consider adding one to your home.

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