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4 Beautiful Room Ideas for Small Apartments

Whether it’s cool uptown Dallas apartments or your little space in New York, where there’s a will there’s a way. Yes, even if the space is small. Having limited space does not mean it can’t look interesting or that you can’t incorporate a little bit of yourself in it, but it does mean you’ll have to make a few adjustments to save space and not have the apartment look cramped or crowded. 

Certain things like decorations that take up a lot of floor space are off the table, and you have to be careful about leaving enough room that you can move around comfortably. If you want to read some great room decorating ideas for small apartments, keep reading. 

  1. Leave a Pathway 

No matter what kind of space you have, always leave room to walk around or clear a pathway from one end of the room to the other, even if it means pushing all your furniture to the side. A room that’s hard to navigate through is always going to feel too small no matter how much free floor space there already is in the place. 

  1. Don’t Fill the Walls 

If you’re a fan of decorating the wall, we’re going to have to ask you to put down the posters and the paintings. 

Filling your space up with too much text, too many patterns, or too many paintings can make a space look smaller than it is. The same thing happens with small patterns and wallpapers if they’re everywhere – a general rule is to aim to make things feel open and judge before buying if a particular piece of decor does this. 

Instead of multiple small pieces, choose a bright and bold statement piece or a single collection of small pieces on one spot on the wall, and leave the rest of the space in the room bare.

  1. Buy Smaller Furniture 

Now, we don’t suggest that you buy a smaller bed, but there are certain things that can be downsized. If you have a space that would be completely dominated by a couch, you might want to buy something like a love seat instead. For a coffee table, use something smaller as well. 

This advice doesn’t work for things like the bed and your storage closets, but there are tricks that will still help you when it comes to that kind of decor. 

  1. Maximize Your Space With Interior Design Tricks 

Adding things like a full-length mirror on the wall can make a space look bigger.  You can even buy a closet with mirrored doors, which will disguise the closet as well as make the space look bigger. Win-win. 

Using vertical stripes and tall, narrow furniture can help a space look higher. You can incorporate these patterns in the walls and the floor with the help of wall paneling or wallpapers. At the same time, low and wide furniture can make a space look wider than it actually is.

Using these tricks or at least keeping them in mind when you shop can really help you imrpove your space. 

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