There are several ways to tell whether it's time to replace your roof. Keep reading to learn more about the signs you need a new roof.

4 Common Signs You Need a New Roof ASAP

Do you think you need a new roof?

Many homeowners take the necessary precautions to keep their roofs in peak condition, but not all of them take it very seriously. When your roof is beyond its lifespan, it puts you and your family in danger.

Knowing when to replace your old roof is a tricky job. But if you know the common signs you need a new roof, things will be much clearer for you.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Shingles Are Damaged

Damaged shingles can lead to leaks and other problems, so it’s important to replace them as soon as possible. There are a few different ways to tell if your shingles are damaged.

First, look for missing or damaged roofing shingles. Then, look for cracks or splits in the shingles. You can also look for signs of wear and tear, such as increased granules in the gutters.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call a roofing contractor and get a new roof.

2. You See Moisture Leaks

These can happen for a variety of reasons, but usually it’s because the roof is no longer properly sealing the home from the elements. If you see any signs of moisture damage in your home, it’s important to call a roofing contractor like roof it forward right away to have them assess the damage and see if a new roof is necessary.

3. You Have Sagging Roof

This can be caused by a variety of things, but most often it is simply because the roof is old and not able to support the weight of the shingles anymore. If you notice your home roof is sagging, it is important to call a roofing contractor to come and take a look as soon as possible. This is not a problem that is going to go away on its own and will only get worse over time.

4. You See Algae Growing

A sure sign that you need a new roof is when you see algae growing on your roof. Algae is a type of plant that thrives in moist environments, so if you see it growing on your residential roof, it means that your roof is not properly draining water.

This can lead to all sorts of problems, including leaks, mold, and wood rot. If you see algae growing on your home roof, don’t wait to get it replaced – it’s only going to get worse.

Be Aware of the Signs You Need a New Roof

If you think your roof may be nearing the end of its life, be sure to keep an eye out for these warning signs you need a new roof. If you notice any of them, it’s time to start shopping for a new residential roof. A new roof is a big investment, but it’s one that’s worth making if it means keeping your home and family safe and dry.

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