Are you looking to spruce up your home's floors this year? Check out this post for 5 of 2022's biggest flooring trends.

5 of 2022’s Biggest Flooring Trends

Flooring is the foundation of interior design. Often, it dictates the room’s coloring, design aesthetic, and function. Updating your flooring is the quickest way to completely alter a room’s look and feel. 

If you’re looking to update your home’s flooring options, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the variety of choices you have to make. How do you know if a flooring type is trending or timeless?

To help you along, here’s a list of the 5 most popular flooring trends of 2022. Not only are these trends sure to give your interiors a fashionable facelift, but they’re also going to keep your home feeling stylish for years after the current interior design trends pass. 

1. Lived-in Hardwood 

Hardwood flooring has been a staple flooring style for years, and it shows no signs of going out of fashion. Recently, homeowners have started to embrace lived-in hardwood flooring and cherish the history that each dent or stain carries. 

Hardwood flooring repair is a great way to liven up old hardwood floors and keep them in good condition. Wood floor refinishing helps to bring out the inherent character of your wood flooring. This treatment enhances the grain of each wood plank, creating an art piece that you can walk on every day. 

2. Polished Concrete 

If you’re looking for an option that is low on flooring maintenance, polished concrete is the way to go! Shiny, industrial, and modern, this flooring option is surprisingly affordable and easy to style

This flooring style is great for high-traffic areas because it’s strong, durable, and incredibly difficult to damage. They can last between 10 and 12 years without any major maintenance. 

3. Herringbone Pattern 

Whether you’re working with wood planks, luxury vinyl slabs, or tiles, choosing to lay them in a herringbone pattern is extremely on-trend. The herringbone method of laying tiles or planks requires more precise cuts and skilled installation, so it is more expensive to install. But the results are well worth it! 

Herringbone flooring is stylish, eye-catching, and filled to the brim with texture. 

4. Plush Carpet

In bedrooms or cozy living rooms where comfort is the top priority, carpeting remains one of the most popular flooring choices. 

Carpets provide a soft feeling underfoot and assist with soundproofing throughout your home. 

When choosing carpet for your home, you’ll decide on the pile density. High-pile carpets, such as frieze, are denser than low-pile carpets. They provide the perfect balance between comfort and durability. 

5. Luxury Vinyl Tile

Versatile and stylish, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) provides homeowners with the largest range of design choices. You can find LVT that looks like hardwood, stone, marble tiles, and more. The top layer can even have texture pressed into it, creating a realistic feeling without the price tag or maintenance requirements. 

LVT has an extremely durable top layer which means the floor can withstand heavy use. It is also less prone to dents, scratches, and water damage. 

Which of These 5 Flooring Trends Best Matches Your Style?

Flooring is a really important design aspect that creates the foundation for each room in your home. Which of these 5 flooring trends are you most excited to use in your home? 

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