The Different Types of Bison Cubes

The Different Types of Bison Cubes

Bison has a variety of different types of elevated decks. These range from aluminum and wood tile decks to the Bison adjustable deck supports. Bison also offers a 2CM Paver that can be used to build a deck.

Bison Wood Tiles

Bison Wood Tiles for elevated decks provide the elegance of natural wood with low maintenance and ease of installation. They are commercial grade and FSC(r) certified and are perfect for transforming any rooftop deck into a beautiful, inviting outdoor living space. They are also compatible with roll and rubber roofing systems and are easy to remove for maintenance. Bison wood tiles are constructed from responsibly harvested hardwoods. They use select-cut techniques that increase the value of the wood in the local economy. As a result, they develop a silver-gray patina over time. The Bison wood tiles are durable enough to withstand weather and high traffic, but they can also be cleaned and sealed periodically to maintain their good looks. A Bison wood tile deck system can be installed on almost any roof, from multi-family buildings to single-family homes. The system can be installed up to 36″ above the ground level. It provides drainage, allows for a slope, and prevents water buildup.

Bison Aluminum Cubes

Whether you have an elevated deck or a rooftop, the bison cubes are a practical and versatile addition to your rooftop environment. These modular planters are made of powder-coated aluminum and are completely recyclable. They feature drainage holes and irrigation sleeves to accommodate plants. Made in the USA, they can be adapted to fit any style or color scheme.

The system can be used on almost any rooftop surface, including multi-family and single-family homes. It provides airflow and prevents water buildup, making it an ideal choice for elevated decks. The system is also compatible with wood, ceramic, and concrete tile surfaces.

Bison aluminum cubes are manufactured in the USA and contain 20 percent post-industrial recycled content. This system is an innovative and easy-to-install way to elevate a deck. It is also ideal for sloping surfaces.

Bison Adjustable Deck Supports

Bison deck supports have a broad line of pedestals and adjustable deck supports. They include the Versadjust adjustable deck support, which is loaded with features. It has a load-bearing capacity of 1250 pounds and can adjust the height from two and a half to thirty-four inches. It also comes with an integrated base leveling system.

The adjustable deck supports are made to work with wood, ceramic, and concrete tiles. They have a patented design that guarantees a level decking surface.

Bison offers both pedestal systems and wood tiles in various sizes and styles. The wood tiles are commercial grade and made with responsibly harvested hardwoods and grate remnants.

Bison 2CM Paver

Bison 2CM Pavers offer a long-lasting, maintenance-free surfacing solution for rooftop environments. They combine natural stone beauty with handcrafted precision. Moreover, the Bison 2CM Paver is stain and slip-resistant, making it the ideal choice for elevated decks. 

Bison Porcelain Pavers come in three textures: a rich wood texture, an organic hardwood texture, or a marble-like design. These can be mixed and matched for a customized look. They are available in FSC-certified and standard options.

Bison Wood Tiles provide warmth and excellent weather resistance. They also add architectural charm to rooftop decks. Bison Wood Tiles are sustainably-harvested and come in various species, including FSC(r)-certified wood. Bison Wood Tiles can also be custom-made to meet your design requirements. Bison 2CM Pavers are an elegant alternative to wood tiles. Bison 2CM Pavers can be used as smooth or porous surfacing on rooftop decks. Bison 2CM Pavers can also be used as flooring over any surface type.

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