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5 Perfect Dog Breeds to Raise From Puppies

Are you in search of a barking, wagging, snuggling, and furry friend? If so, congratulations! You’re ready to join the 84.9 million or 67% of American households who own a dog.

But, which dog is right for your home? And how can you find the perfect dog breed to suit your lifestyle?

If you’re unsure – this is your article! Keep reading for all the details.

Bichon Frise

This is the smallest and most laid back breed on our list, ideal for small homes and apartments.

The Bichon Frise is a gentle and playful dog that responds well to obedience training. And, it has lower exercise requirements than most other dogs. So it’s a top pick for busy families and professionals on the go, as well.

Just keep in mind that this type of dog will require routine grooming to keep its coat in top condition.


When it comes to raising puppies, this is one of the most adorable options out there.

Retrievers come in several breed variations, with golden and chocolate representing the most popular options. Retrievers are upbeat, loyal, and protective dogs who bond well with children – quickly becoming friends for life. Just keep in mind that a dog this size will require daily exercise, so a home with a yard might be best.


Whether you prefer French, English, or American, there’s no doubt that bulldogs are among the very best breeds.

These are outgoing and upbeat dogs that require less exercise than some of the other options on this list. And, they make for some of the cutest young puppies you’ll ever see!

Because they are a breed that will naturally protect your home and family, bulldogs will require obedience training and a bit of patience. But, you’ll find it all worthwhile for that slobbery, wrinkly face! Click here for information on some of the best french bulldog breeders.


This is another breed that comes in multiple sizes, from toy to standard. And, it’s easily among the most well-behaved dogs on our list – even without extensive obedience training.

Poodles are highly intelligent and protective, making them perfect for families with children. And, because poodles don’t shed the same way that most dogs do thanks to their wiry and curly hair, this is also an ideal choice for anyone who suffers from allergies.

Mixed Breed

If you’re planning on raising a puppy yourself, training and socialisation can be just as essential as the breed. So, if a particular type of dog isn’t your top priority, a mixed-breed pup might be your best bet.

After all, there are plenty of adorable puppies for adoption out there. And, you might find one with your favorite personality and temperament traits – minus the hefty price tag.

Bring the Perfect Dog Breed Home

Now that you know a bit more about the different types of dogs that might suit your home, you’re probably excited to select the next member of your family. That’s awesome! With this article as your guide, it’s easy to pick the perfect dog breed.

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