Protect Your Plants With These Garden Pest Control Tips

Planting a garden and watching the plants bloom and become fruitful can be both rewarding and wonderful. But, all that joy can be stolen when you walk outside and see hundreds of holes in your plants caused by pesky bugs.

If you want your garden to survive, you’re going to need to follow our garden pest control guide for the best results. By the time you’ve finished scrolling through, you’re going to have everything you need to keep the bugs away.

Keep Your Garden Clean

This may sound like a strange tip to give when it comes to a garden, but it’s one of the most helpful. When you’re tending to a garden, you must keep it free of debris.

Why, you may be wondering? Well, when your garden is full of weeds and leaves, it gives common pests a place to hide. Meaning by the time you realize the bugs are there, they’ve already done massive damage.

When you keep your garden clean, you can reduce the likelihood of any plant diseases killing your crops before they’ve had time to grow.

Create a Barrier

Bugs aren’t the only types of pest you need to think about when it comes to your garden. You’ve also got to prepare for animals that enjoy munching on fruits and berries like deer and squirrels.

If you build a barrier or fence around the garden, it’ll be easier to keep your fruits and vegetables safe while keeping the animals out. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than coming outside to a garden full of half-eaten tomatoes.

If you find that birds are your problem, there are several types of netting that you can use to cover your plants, making it nearly impossible for birds to pluck off food.

Use Pest Sprays

If you’ve found that nothing keeps the bugs out of your garden and off your plants, you may want to look into pest control. There are tons of sprays out there that can help you eliminate your bug problem without harming the plants.

Of course, we recommend you take the time to read the label before making any purchases. That way, you know exactly what you’re spraying on your plants.

Water Plants Using Cold Water

We’re sure you’ve never thought twice when it came to the temperature of the water you’re using to water the garden. But maybe now that we’ve mentioned it, you will.
When insects are clinging to your plants, an easy way to get them to let go is to spray them with cold water. The cold water will it the insect causing it to release from the plants.

Garden Pest Control: Bugs Be Gone

Our garden pest control guide is full of useful information to keep those common garden pests far away from your plants. Take the time to create a fence designed to keep larger animals out.

And it’s a fantastic idea to use pest spray when preventing garden pests. If you’re looking for more information, keep scrolling through our blog section no matter what the topic.

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