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5 Quick Tips for the Perfect Home Office Flooring

Last year, a record 42% of the American workforce was working from home. For many, this became the preferred way to work. 

That being said, working from home can blur the lines between your work life and your free time. Putting together a home office is a great way to create that separation you need. 

If you’re currently designing your home office, you may be wondering about the best home office flooring. What material should you use to tie everything together?

We’re here to shed light on the best home office flooring materials to use for your home office design. Read on to find out!

Skip the Carpeting

If you’re going for a modern look that’s easy to maintain, we suggest skipping a carpeted floor for your home office. Why?

Carpet has a tendency to absorb allergens like dust and pollen that can only be tackled with twice-a-week vacuuming. Plus, carpeted floors can look dated after a few short years. If you prefer to have something soft or noise-absorbant underfoot, we suggest throwing down a medium-sized rug, rather than carpeting the entire space.

Consider Hardwood Options

Hardwood is the only type of flooring that never fades out of style. Contrary to popular belief, hardwood is easy to maintain and easy to clean. While some hardwood materials are on the more expensive side, hardwood is a great long-term investment.

Oak hardwood is a great choice for any modern home office. Oak is light in color and compliments bohemian, postmodern, and country-chic home office decor. 

If you’re going for a more classic feel, maple or birch hardwood flooring may do the trick. These darker woods will compliment rich, deep colors like maroon and navy blue. If you want your office to feel like an Ivy League library, dark hardwood is the best flooring option for you.

Are Vinyl and Laminate Good Home Office Flooring Options?

A lot of times, we think of solid sheets of tacky flooring or rows of ugly-colored square tiles when we think of vinyl and laminate. Are these materials still unappealing in the modern-day?

The answer is no! Vinyl and laminate have come a long way and you can often find faux wood flooring options made of vinyl and laminate. While these materials aren’t as durable as real hardwood, they are cheaper, making them a great option for anyone building a home office on a tight budget.

Make the WFH Life Easier With a Sleek Home Office

If you’re one of the thousands of Americans working from home, you’re probably ready to design your very own home office. We hope that our guide to home office flooring will make it easier for you to complete your home office design.

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