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How to Pick the Best Invisalign Aligners for You

It’s not always easy to choose the perfect aligner tray for your teeth. For straightening your teeth using Invisalign, there are some things that you should consider before making a decision.

Read on to know how to pick the best aligners for use with Invisalign; once you’ve gone through the steps, it’s time to look at some of our favorite trays! Once you have decided on the ones you want, you can visit your Invisalign dentist.

1: Determine Your Ideal Treatment Plan

If you already know what your treatment plan is going to be, this part is easy. You can skip ahead and start thinking about which aligners might work best for you–but if you’re not sure of exactly what your treatment will entail, it is important to learn about your options.

Treatment plans are broken up into two phases: early and full treatment. Early treatment consists of six months of aligners, while full treatment takes nine-twelve months over one year. The length of time you receive the aligners will affect which type is most appropriate for you. If you’re not sure what your ideal treatment plan is, don’t worry–you can ask your orthodontist for help determining this too! You can also determine by yourself if changing anything will make a difference in how long each set of trays lasts–this includes when they are worn (in the morning or at night), how often you brush, or what kind of diet you have.

2: How Soft or Hard Do You Want Them To Be?

Another important consideration in choosing the best aligners is how stiff they are. Aligners can be made out of three different kinds of materials with varying levels of hardness–which one you choose will affect what kind of force your body needs to deal with when it’s time for another tray and which ones fit most comfortably against your teeth.

The Universal trays are made with polypropylene plastic, which makes them extremely durable and gives them a stiffness that some find uncomfortable. There are two options for coloring; Clear Braces make them an almost clear color, while the Classic version turns them white after being heat-treated.

Aligners made out of medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE, are the softest kind you can get when it comes to the material used in trays. The flexible nature of this material makes them very comfortable for many people, though they also wear down much faster than other tray types. They come in Clear and Classic versions for coloring; Clear teeth become clear while Classic turns white after heat treatment. These need to be worn no more than 12 hours per day–more time-worn will cause them to break down more quickly.

3: Do You Want Brighter Whiter Teeth?

Do your current aligners not cover all of your teeth? If you’re looking to cover up problem spots or want your smile to be even brighter, you should take a look at the Vivera aligners. They are made out of two types of material–the bottom three-fourths is the standard polypropylene used in all aligners while the top fourth is made out of a mix between TPE and PCL plastic, which makes them more flexible than Universal trays but also much thicker–to compensate for their thickness, these have lowered opacity, so they are much more transparent.

If you’re looking for bright white teeth with Invisalign, don’t forget about our Megawhite aligners! This process includes whitening treatment by one of our dental professionals; this will give you even brighter teeth than the Vivera kit (though that one does include whitening treatment of its own). These are available in Clear and Classic versions; Clear results in clear teeth, while Classic turns them white after heat-treatment.

4: How Thick Are Your Teeth?

Don’t forget about our Paxit aligners! They are made out of a mix between TPE and PCL plastic like the Vivera aligners, but they cover more surface area for better protection–they also come with an increased opacity to make them less transparent. The extra coverage makes Paxits thicker than other aligners, meaning that they take longer to readjust than some other options. If you’re looking for a protective alternative, these are the best choice. They come in Clear and Classic coloring; Clear results in clear teeth while Classic turns them white after heat-treatment.

5: How Many Teeth Do You Want to Straighten?

Are you looking for a way to straighten more than one tooth at once? If so, you should check out our Tango aligners! These trays contain three sections–the front section is responsible for the front six teeth and is used as a temporary retainer when switching from other aligners. The back two sections are for your four canine teeth and stretch around your mouth, covering your entire smile just like Paxits do. This makes it easier to straighten multiple teeth–slide them off when it’s time to switch! They are made out of TPE like other trays, which means they are flexible for comfort but wear down faster than other kinds.

If you want to pick the best Invisalign aligners for your situation, remember these factors! You’ll be able to select better an alignment that will work for you with this knowledge at hand.

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