Spruce up your home this weekend with these great ideas. Easy home DIY projects you could complete this weekend to add flair and style to your living space

5 Simple Home DIY Projects You Could Tackle This Weekend

Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or are just starting out, there is an overwhelming amount of potential projects to think of tackling.  

If you want to give your home an update and aren’t sure what to start with, here are 5 of the best home DIY projects for you to tackle this weekend:

1. Play with Paint

Painting is one of the best DIY skills to have in your repertoire. A simple coat of paint can transform a piece of furniture or an entire room, and it won’t take you longer than a weekend to finish whatever home improvements projects you get started with!

Paint the Front Door a Funky Color

Instantly up your curb appeal with a pop of color on the front door. Use outdoor paint to ensure this project stands up to harsh weather and regular wear and tear.

Paint Your Ceiling

Get your hands on a long-handled roller and plastic drop cloth and repaint your ceiling. This adds a dramatic, cozy feeling to a living or dining room and it creates intimacy in a master bedroom.

For a kid’s room, you can pair navy ceiling paint with some glow-in-the-dark star stickers, or stick to baby blue ceiling paint and add some fluffy white clouds.

Make sure to use ceiling paint for this project, as it is specifically formulated to limit dripping and to hide imperfections.

2. Update Your Lighting

Upgrading your lighting fixtures instantly changes the look and feel of the room.

Simply switching out the lightbulbs in your living room for some with warm white light creates a moody and relaxed atmosphere, or you can go a step further and replace the fixture itself.

Find lighting fixtures to match your existing interior design style and follow this year’s lighting trends.

3. Install a Louvre Door

Is there an area of your home you wish was more closed off? Installing a louvre door is the perfect weekend project for you! Versatile in shape, size, and style, swinging café doors add a unique and functional touch to any space.

Make sure to consider the existing aesthetic in your home to find the best louvre doors for each room.

4. Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen often the room that gets the most use in a house, so it deserves to look good! Give the heart of your home a facelift with either of these fun and unique DIY projects:

Paint Your Fridge with Chalk Paint

This project is perfect for homes with younger kids or for the DIYer who can’t get enough of organization! What better place to doodle, brainstorm for DIY projects, jot down your weekly meal plan, or keep track of groceries you need to get?

Chalk paint comes in a variety of colors so you can match your upgraded fridge with the rest of your kitchen.

To begin, thoroughly clean the surface with paint thinners. Use painter’s tape to mark off the handles. Then, take a foam roller and transform your fridge with two or three light coats of chalk paint.

Make a Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame and other fiber arts have taken the world by storm! Stylish and versatile, DIY macramé plant hangers bring interest and life into any room and are one of the best DIY home decor projects.

There are hundreds of easy-to-follow instructions for macramé plant hangers. To put your own spin on this trend, use colored thread or add beads that match your kitchen color scheme!

5. Build and Install a Window Box

After you’ve painted your front door a funky new color, increase your curb appeal even more with a DIY window planter box.

Build your own box to match your window’s dimensions from pieces of cedar board. Once it’s built, fill the box with soil and some eye-catching flowers to brighten the exterior of your home.

Keep Busy With Home DIY Projects

Hopefully, these easy home renovation projects have given you some ideas for the upcoming weekend. Whether you’ve got 5 minutes to spare or an entire weekend to fill, there are always home DIY projects waiting for you to bring to life.

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