A fresh kitchen cabinet color can completely transform your kitchen. Get inspired with this guide featuring 10 kitchen cabinet color ideas.

Transforming Your Kitchen: 10 Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

You almost love everything about your home. But your kitchen is the most neglected place in your mission to customize your entire house. It’s time to make your kitchen your own.

It’s time to start kitchen cabinet painting.

Choosing a new color for your kitchen cabinet will bring new life to your kitchen. And we have the best kitchen cabinet color ideas to get you started.

Keep reading for our guide to finding the best kitchen cabinet color for you.

Classic Chic

Our list starts with a color that goes hand in hand with elegance. Black is a classic way to bring sophistication to your kitchen.

Black matches everything and will be sure to impress your guests. It’s a color in demand of all cabinet painting services. That makes this color easy to find and easy to style.

Pair your black cabinets with black decorations for a monotone feel. Pair black with white for an unstoppable visual combination.

Dreams of the Ocean

Blue soothes the soul. No matter the shade, dark or light, blue is a great color to reclaim your space with. Especially if you have a love for the ocean.

Explore your blue options. Find the perfect shade of blue for your kitchen remodeling plan. 

If you want to have a beach feeling, use the right decorations for the occasion. You can also pair blue with colors that compliment it like gray and green.

Here Comes the Sun

Do you love bright colors? Is your kitchen a small space? Yellow is the perfect color for you.

Yellow will keep your day bright from beginning to end. Cabinet painting with this color will open up any room. Yellow will also create the illusion of a bigger room for a smaller area.

This color packs a lot of punch and will keep you smiling. Try pairing it with a glazed finish for extra charm to your kitchen cabinet color. 

Heaven’s Light

If you want to be in a permanent state of golden hour use gold to bring your kitchen to life. Gold is a beautiful and bold statement that will make your home feel luxurious. 

Use silver decor as a direct contrast to your cabinets’ gold color. Your golden kitchen will have your dinner guests excited to dine with you.

Try an antiqued finish for your golden cabinets. This expert finish will leave your cabinets with an extra distinguished look.

Candy Delight

Whether you’re thinking of candy apples or valentine’s day boxes, red is a sweet color. It’s also the best color for a vintage look.

You’ll find the best retro inspiration with red cabinets. Even if you’re hoping for a more modern take for your kitchen, red will bring the fun. 

Try a darker wine color for a more refined feeling. Use a light red for a burst of color that will make your kitchen feel energized.

Pair your red kitchen with pink decor for a look as sweet as a color.

Coffee All Day

For those with a more refined palette, dark brown is the color you’ve been waiting for. This coffee-like color will turn your kitchen into your personal cafe at all times of the day.

Dark brown is a muted color that brings out the best in home decor. It’s a color that rises to the occasion. Whether you’re having a family breakfast or a date night, dark brown will fit the mood.

Use a lighter brown on your kitchen walls to compliment the dark of your base cabinet color. If you want an even more refined look, try an antiqued finish.

Summer Nights

Nothing says summer like the burnt orange of a campfire. It’s time to capture that unique color and put it on your kitchen cabinets.

Burnt orange is a special color. Its brightness will light your kitchen well into the winter. It acts as a statement all its own in your kitchen.

Paint your walls a lighter orange and make your kitchen a creamsicle dream. Decorate with light orange decor to pull the entire space together. With this color combination, you’ll be living in an everlasting summer.

Blush and Bashful

Have you fallen back in love with pink? Use pink as a cabinet color and it will make you adore it even more.

Pink will bring gentleness to your kitchen. It looks beautiful in any light and has a range of shades to choose from. Whether a dusty rose or deep pink, choose a pink that will make you feel at home.

To show off how much you love pink, pair two different types together. Pink cabinets and paint also mean you get to have fun with the best pink decoration. Decorate with a darker or lighter pink than your cabinet color to create a pink paradise.

The Secret Garden

Green has been taking over the world. Pictures of green couches, green living rooms, and green dresses dominant the internet. Whether it’s a pleasant seafoam or a deep emerald green, green is a new favorite.

And it’s perfect for your kitchen cabinets.

If you want to feel one with nature, green is for you. A light green will bring a light as air quality to your kitchen. A deep green will make you feel like you’re living the life of a royal.

If you’re going for a dark green, use an antique finish. This will complete the noble look of the color. If you’re going for the lighter green, use the glazed finish to finish off your kitchen with whimsy.

A Blank Canvas

Are you looking for a color to build off of? Use white to color your cabinets for a clean look you can add to.

You can use white to set the entire tone of the room. With white, you will be able to change out your kitchen decor with ease. 

Use white for a color scheme filled with endless styling opportunities.

Explore Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Use our kitchen cabinet color ideas to make your kitchen all your own. Paint your kitchen cabinets today to reinvent your kitchen’s style.

Do you want more lifestyle tips? Keep exploring our content for more ways to personalize your home.

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