When the weather gets hot you have to be mindful of yourself and your pets. Follow these five summer pet safety tips and enjoy the rest of the season!

5 Summer Pet Safety Tips You Should Know

Around 85 million American households own a furry friend, which shows we’re fanatics about pets.

Because they are our family, it’s important to care for them properly, especially in the summer. Perhaps the weather is sweltering where you are, but you’re unsure how to protect your pet from it.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five summer pet safety tips to consider.

1. Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

The most important pet safety tip is never leaving your furry friend in a car. Even parking under the shade or opening the windows is problematic because the temperature can rise rapidly in a short period. In fact, within minutes it can cause heatstroke and, in the worst scenario, be fatal.

2. Bring Clean Water With You

Alongside these veterinary cleaning products, you must also bring cool, clean water with you for your pets. You could carry a portable water bowl or, if you’re staying at home, regularly refill each bowl to prevent any head injuries.

And because many of us enjoy BBQs in the summer, it’s important to know what is toxic for our pets. For instance, avoid sneaking your furry friend raisins, grapes, or chocolate because it will wreak havoc on their digestive system.

3. Don’t Leave Pets Unsupervised Around Pools

Not sure how to keep your pets safe in hot weather?

Know, that we naturally gravitate towards bodies of water during the summer, whether it’s for a quick dip or lazing on a lilo. Either way, we must be mindful of our pets around water because they may not swim well.

To prevent accidents, never leave your animal unsupervised and if you’re worried about their abilities, invest in a pet life-jacket for peace of mind.

4. Limit Exercise on Hot Days

Although we are eager to engage in summer pet activities, sometimes taking it easy is better. If you’ve got a dog, take them out for a walk in the early hours or evening when it’s cooler. And make sure you walk on the grass to avoid the hot sidewalk burning their paws.

5. Know the Signs of Heat Stress

Pet owners should know the main signs of heat stress so they can take immediate action. The most common symptoms are heavy panting, glazed eyes, and restlessness.

Note, your pet’s tongue will turn a deep red or purple, and if it’s severe, your pet may vomit and faint. If you notice this, hose your pet down with water and bring them to a vet as soon as possible.

Our Summer Pet Safety Tips

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll use our summer pet safety tips today.

Never leave your pet in the car, always bring water with you, and don’t leave your animal around swimming pools or rivers without supervision. You should also limit exercise and know the signs of heat stress to prevent any disasters. Good luck!

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