5 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Garden Party

COVID restrictions have been lifted and social gatherings are in full swing. People are craving to reconnect with loved ones after a long separation period. There are tons of ways people choose to fellowship, but nothing beats gathering at home.

Having a gathering at home is easy and intimate. It allows people to ease back into social activities. But, it doesn’t mean the gathering has to be basic. 

Hosting a party can be fun and there are so many themes to choose from. But, throwing a garden party is ideal because it cuts down on cost and cleanup. How a garden party turns out depends on the host.

There are some basic best practices to remember when planning a party. This article will list 5 tips for hosting an unforgettable garden party.

1. Party Checklist 

It’s going to get hot this summer, so line up your cooling options. Look into different outdoor fans for the one that best suits your needs. Try to create some shade for your guests to retreat to. Have plenty of water coolers around so your guests can stay hydrated.

The insects want to party too, but don’t let them crash your party. Light some citronella candles to ward off the insects. Have plenty of insect repellant on hand for everyone to use freely. Hire a pest professional to check your yard for wasps and hornet nests

To prepare for your outdoor gathering, do some yard cleanup and maintenance. Pull out those weeds and cut that grass. Or, look into landscaping services to get your yard ready for the party.

2. Outdoor Décor 

Now that your yard is cleaned up, let’s talk about décor. Make sure you have some outdoor furniture for your guests to lounge in. You can find outdoor seating for your needs at https://www.harborclassic.com/collections/nantucket.

Your garden party décor can be functional or decorative. But keep in mind what will happen to the décor after the party. Sustainable décor would be a compliment to your outdoor party.

3. Food Options 

Ask your guest if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies. Plan to have enough food to last the entire event. Since the weather will be warm, get food that will help cool the body down.

4. Party Playlist

Your playlist can make or break your party. You want to be sure that you play music all your guests will like. Be open to taking song requests. 

5. Guest List 

It’s important to invite people who will add to the good time. Make sure everyone on your guest list will get along. Have your guests rsvp so you know how many people to prepare for.

Garden Party 

Now it’s time to send out those invitations to your garden party. This article provided you with some tips to make your party a success, but don’t stop here. 

To take your party to the next level, think of ways to make your guests feel comfortable. Check out outdoor lounge furniture that will have your guests totally relaxed. Have fun and stay cool!

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