Do you battle with keeping a tidy house? Do you rush to clean before guests come over? Then keep reading because here are five tips to get you organized.

5 Tips for Keeping a Tidy House

Keeping a clean, tidy home is no easy task. Between pets, children, “stuff,” and life, clutter seems to find a way in. But it can be done.

It makes our homes look and feel tidier, which makes it feel better to live in. If you need a few tips on how to keep clutter at bay, life hacks to make cleaning faster, or how to keep order, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about keeping a tidy house.

1. Establish an Effective Cleaning Routine

Establishing an effective cleaning routine is key to keeping a tidy house. Start by making a list of the different cleaning tasks you need to do around the house and assign specific days for when each will be completed. 

You may also want to consider delegating certain cleaning tasks to family members so that everyone takes an active part in keeping the home neat. If your schedule is too hectic, you can look for cleaning services, check out for more information.

2. Declutter Every Room In Your Home

One of the good habits is to start decluttering. Start with the living room, bedroom, and kitchen – these are the most used rooms and the most prone to gathering clutter.

Begin by throwing out anything that you do not find useful, such as old magazines. Then, organize what remains into containers and put them in designated areas.

For example, video games could go in a cupboard, folded blankets, and thrown into an ottoman or chest. You can even make a designated area for items such as chargers, remote controls, and other miscellaneous items. 

3. Maximize Storage Space

To have a clean home, take advantage of vertical storage options like standing shelves, pegboards, and cabinets to make the most of unused wall space. Use your closets and add more rods and shelves for more efficient storage. Lofted beds and bunk beds can provide additional floor space and storage opportunities under the bed.

Use drawer and shoe organizers and stackable canisters to store items like clothing, linens, and toiletries. Place a bench or shoe organizer near the front door to store shoes and other items. Add hooks, racks, and bins to the wall or closet for extra storage.

4. Prioritize Cleaning Zones In Your Home

Prioritizing cleaning zones in your home is an essential tip for keeping a tidy house. Group the cleaning tasks according to the cleaning zone size – smaller rooms or corners get an “A” list, while larger tasks such as carpets, windows, and walls get a “B” list.

To get started, begin with the “A” list. Spend more time and focus on cleaning the smaller zones than on the more time-consuming bigger tasks.

5. Invest In Quality Cleaning Supplies

High-quality cleaners will contribute to a longer-lasting clean, while cheaper ones may provide a shorter-term clean. Furthermore, good quality cleaning products are less likely to damage surfaces, such as polished wood, carpets, windows, and cleared surfaces.

A good set of cleaning tools is also essential; quality tools, such as a good mop, or proper dustpan and brush, will make keeping a tidy house easier and more efficient.

Maintain a Tidy House at All Times

Maintaining a tidy house at all times is very essential to leading a stress-free lifestyle. Not only will it give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will also save you time and money.

You can help maintain tidiness by cleaning the house regularly and decluttering. Start today and enjoy the benefits of having a tidy home!

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