You want your lawn to look as good as it can. Here are some weed control tips that will help you keep your lawn healthy.

5 Weed Control Tips to Help You Keep Your Lawn Healthy

In 2021 the landscaping and lawn care industry reached a value of $105.1 billion.

Taking care of a lawn can be hard work, and there are plenty of things that can make it more difficult. If your yard isn’t properly maintained, weeds can rapidly start appearing. It doesn’t take long for weeds to take over, so you want to make sure they’re controlled and removed quickly.

For 5 weed control tips to keep your yard in great shape, keep reading.

1. Know Your Weeds

Depending on your location, there are all different kinds of weeds that can start appearing. Most work on a yearly cycle, so they might seem to die off in colder months, but will come right back the next year.

If you want to protect your lawn properly, you need to know the types of weeds you’re dealing with. Do your research into the various types so you know how to deal with whatever ones are causing you problems.

2. Water Your Lawn Appropriately

Everyone knows that green grass is only possible with water, but overwatering can encourage the growth of weeds. A standard lawn needs about an inch of water per week, so try not to go over this. Also bear in mind that under-watering might cause a green lawn to wither and die.

You want to keep a good balance to maintain your lawn. You can use a small dish outside as a rain gauge. After it’s filled with an inch of water you’ll know your lawn has had enough water for the week.

3. Fully Eradicate Weeds

Cutting weeds may seem like an easy way to get rid of them, but it won’t last. If the roots are left behind, weeds will grow back. Sometimes proper lawn care will mean you have to get down and dirty, pulling roots out by hand.

If you have a large yard with a lot of weeds it can be quite overwhelming. For professional lawn care in North & South Carolina, you could reach out to a company like RDS Lawn Services. Head over to to take a look at what they offer.

4. Chemical Solutions

Weeds are often very resilient, and it can be very difficult to get rid of them completely. If you’ve tried everything else, you could turn to chemicals that will kill off weeds in your yard.

If you decide to do this, be careful. When overused, chemicals can damage your grass and any other plants. Use chemicals sparingly if you want to maintain a healthy lawn.

5. Mow Carefully

When mowing your lawn, you will most likely cut through some weeds. If these weeds are in flower this will cause seeds to spread around your yard. In these conditions, you should bag the clippings to remove as many seeds as possible.

When your grass is growing thicker this is less of an issue. Mowing more often will encourage your grass to grow back thicker, which will help prevent weeds from growing.

Maintaining Weed Control

Proper weed control is all about consistency. Seeds can easily blow in from anywhere, so even if you manage to remove every weed from your garden, more could easily grow in time. Follow the tips above, and stay on top of things to keep your yard in the best possible state.

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