In order to have a great looking yard, there are several things you need to do. This guide has seven of our best landscaping tips.

7 Important Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

Do you find yourself staring at your unkempt lawn, unsure of where to start?

Even if you’ve just renovated your house, your lawn’s landscaping still needs to look presentable. Otherwise, even the most modern home can look shabby when combined with a messy yard.

As Rent Smart USA Management Company says whether you’re a first-time homeowner or this is your third property, following a few simple landscaping tips can take your lawn from yawn-inducing to exciting and homey.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading for 7 of the most important tips to keep in mind when landscaping your lawn.

1. Start With a Plan

Landscaping for homeowners can be intimidating, so to make sure you don’t go with a design that you end up hating, make sure to plan what you want your yard to look like.

You can look both online and in your neighborhood for inspiration on flowers and foliage.

2. Start Clean

Sometimes, removing a tree that was in the way can be all you need to get a clear idea of how you’d like to landscape your yard.

If you need help cutting down trees and can’t do this alone safely, make sure to hire an expert Tree Service to help you.

3. Make a Budget

Your budget will determine how extensive you can get with your landscaping plans.

Many people overlook the cost of plants. You’ll need to buy seedlings, mulch, fertilizer, and pay a gardener for maintenance if needed.

4. Keep It Realistic

To keep your landscaping plan realistic, you want to make sure you keep an eye on the timeline of your project. If you’re doing the landscaping yourself, make sure to set aside at least several weeks’ worth of work time.

You also want to set aside a few hours every month to maintain your yard.

5. Create a Focal Point

One of the best landscaping ideas, especially for small yards, is to create a focal point.

You can do this by adding colorful flowers, creating a small garden, or adding an eye-catching detail like a porch swing.

6. Have Both Features and Function

Good residential landscaping lends beauty to your lawn while allowing you to move around.

You want to consider how you’ll use the space, such as letting the kids play—your landscaping design should let you do these things without any issues.

7. Learn Your Local Gardening Climate

Finally, you want to check your house’s own yard.

Do you get a lot of sun? Shade? Or does a lot of rainwater get into your yard?

You also want to get familiar with your city’s climate to figure out which plants are best to grow.

Use These Top Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

A great landscaping job can take even a plain-looking home and make it magazine-worthy, all without the expensive cost of a full renovation.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with landscaping your lawn, keep these landscaping tips in mind and remember to take things one step at a time.

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