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7 Stylish Bathroom Upgrades That Will Transform Your Space

Bathrooms are one of the most popular home renovations people take, accounting for more than 30% of house projects. These kinds of major projects leave the homeowners with more luxurious spaces to get ready for the day and unwind at night.  

It’s easy to overlook this space if you’re not wanting to spend a lot of time, effort, or money. But there are a lot of simple bathroom upgrades anyone can do to completely change the look and feel of their bathroom. With just a few changes, your bathroom can quickly become your favorite space in the house. 

We’ve put together a list of our top seven favorite bathroom upgrade ideas to get you inspired! 

1. Upgrade the Shower

When you’re looking at bathroom remodel ideas, the grandest rooms always have showers with something extra. Whether they be larger in size than normal, multiple shower heads, or other spa features, the shower is the main focus for taking the bathroom up a notch and giving you more luxury. 

The good news is, you can do that too by just simply changing out the showerhead, which is a job basically anyone can do no matter their skill level. 

Think about what the ideal shower looks like for you, focusing on things like water pattern, pressure, and how you’ll feel. From there you can search for a shower head that will help you achieve those goals. 

2. Bring Warmth Through Textiles  

Bathrooms easily feel sterile and boring with all of their hard surfaces. It’s really hard to get away from since they’re so much more functional and practical. Soft surfaces actually cause more problems than they do much good. 

Don’t fear, you won’t have to live in your basic, hard bathroom forever. You can add warmth through textiles in the space. 

Every bathroom needs towels, so use that as a moment to bring in something unique and special. Outdoor rugs are also a great option for more pattern and warmth in front of your bathtub than a typical mat. The key is to use the textiles to your advantage and not as throw-away decisions. 

3. Hide the Clutter 

Nothing makes a space feel more crowded, outdated, and frustrating than visual clutter. And bathrooms are one of the biggest culprits for this household problem!

With all of the products we use in the bathroom every day, it’s easy to want to leave them all out on the counter. But that’s not going to bring you the spa-like experience. No need to get rid of everything, just create some organization to keep it under control and out of sight! 

The clearer your counters, the more beautiful and relaxing your space will feel overall! 

4. Functional Extras

Even though we’re always going to advocate for putting things away and out of sight, there are some things that just doesn’t make sense for. And for those kinds of things, we suggest leveling them up and making them more of an experience. 

Every bathroom has to have hand soap, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a basic pump sitting on the counter. Take a look here for extra special wall-mounted options that bring things up a notch. The same thing could be done for soaps in your shower or lotions. Amazing small bathroom upgrades take something necessary and make them extra special. 

5. Lose the Basic Mirror  

One of those basic things every bathroom has that can be upgraded is a mirror. We’ve all seen the builder-grade mirrors that do their job but add nothing to the design or look of the room. 

It doesn’t require much to change out that simple mirror for something with a little interest, like a unique shape or a larger frame. 

If changing it out entirely sounds like it’s out of your abilities, you can simply add a new frame to the mirror or paint the existing frame. Anything you can do to jazz up the bathroom staple will have a huge impact on the entire space! 

6. Lighten Things Up 

A key role mirrors play is bouncing the light around to make the bathroom brighter, which makes a room feel more intentional and well-designed. Rooms that are dark feel heavy and depressing, so adding in as much light to your bathroom remodel as possible is key. 

This can look like adding a window or skylight if you’re in the market for a larger project. But it can also be achieved simply by using lighter materials, like paint to give the illusion of more light. 

We also suggest making sure all of your lightbulbs are the same brightness and that they’re a comfortable color that’s calming and easy on the eyes. 

7. Add Something Living 

Since you’re trying to combat the naturally sterile nature of bathrooms to make it a more inviting, cozy, relaxing place, we suggest adding in something living. You’d be amazed how much life a small plant can add to a room!

The great thing about adding a plant to a bathroom is that they often have great conditions for growing with the extra humidity in the air and diffused light from filtered windows. Make sure to read the plant’s label to see if it will be a good fit for your space, a dying plant won’t have the same effect!

Bathroom Upgrades to Complete Change Your Space

Making changes to your home doesn’t have to be a big overwhelming task. In fact, often the most impactful things are the smaller projects done with a lot of thought and care. 

Tackling a few of these easy, quick bathroom upgrades will give you a new space without requiring you to break out any of the major power tools! You can enjoy a stylish, modern, and functional spa-like space without a whole bathroom remodel. The key is making smart decisions that take the room up a level. 

If you’re interested in seeing more home inspiration and ways to improve your spaces, check out our other articles today! 

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