Do you have places to be and things to do and don't want to wait after showering? Here's the brief guide that makes drying hair faster very simple.

The Brief Guide That Makes Drying Hair Faster Very Simple

Nobody likes sitting for hours and waiting for their hair to dry.

It drips down your neck, soaks your shirt, and feels uncomfortable. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to make drying hair easier.

Keep reading for our best tips and tricks.

Cotton Hair Towels

Cotton hair towels reign supreme among specialty products when it comes to hair drying.

Ordinary towels you use to dry your body can cause your hair more harm than good. A cotton hair towel, however, will protect your hair from breakage and frizz.

Cotton hair towels are your new best friend if you have low-porous hair. Because the cuticles are close together, your hair takes longer to dry. This is especially true if you have very thick hair.

No matter how porous your hair is, the cotton hair towel is one of the best towels for drying hair.

Air Exposure

After you shower, it’s essential to let your hair breathe with a little bit of air exposure.

In other words, don’t blow dry your hair right away. It seems counterintuitive to say that air exposure will help your hair dry faster, but it’s true.

Air exposure helps the hair drying process because you won’t need the blow dryer for that long. In fact, you’ll even be able to style your hair with more ease.

Better yet, use your fingers instead of a brush when blow-drying your hair. This is one of the best methods for perfecting your blowout.

Condition Your Hair

You probably weren’t expecting this one, but it couldn’t be more accurate.

While making your hair silky smooth, a conditioner with silicone will close your cuticle. This prevents further water from entering your hair.

After conditioning your hair, brush it out in the shower. Some brushes are designed for brushing hair when it’s wet, so opt for one of those over a regular brush.

Pair these hair hacks together, and you’ll see a difference in the time it takes for your hair to dry.

Use Specialty Products

When it comes to drying hair, it’s okay to invest in a few specialty products to expedite the process.

Specialty products help your hair dry faster and minimizes your blow-dryer usage. Something as simple as mousse is a great way to dry your hair faster and give you that extra little oomph.

Avoid Humidity

Humidity is what makes drying hair take so long. This means you shouldn’t stand around in your bathroom after you shower.

Rearrange your morning or evening routine so you spend more time outside the bathroom. For example, consider showering first, then grabbing breakfast next. Follow this with getting dressed in your room.

Complete your routine with makeup. What’s better, though, is setting up a well-lit spot in your home to do your makeup so you’re not in your humid bathroom.

Drying Hair Faster

No matter your hair texture, we can all agree on how annoying it is to go about our day with sopping wet hair.

That’s why specialty products and our hair hacks are the best methods for drying hair faster.

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