9 Creative And Inexpensive Corporate Gifts For Your Employees

9 Creative And Inexpensive Corporate Gifts For Your Employees  

Gifting your employees is a way to motivate them and show them they’re appreciated. Corporate gifts are given to celebrate milestones, recognize hard work, or maintain a professional connection with employees. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve this. A little creativity is all that’s needed to get inexpensive yet practical gifts that’ll be appreciated. Corporate gifts should be thoughtful, relevant, and professional.  

Monogrammed, embroidered, or engraved customized corporate gifts like MeowPrint Gifts will add a unique touch to clothing, stationery, or drinkware. This will lift your employees’ spirits and boost their confidence. 

Whether you have a small team or oversee a big group of employees, here’s a list of practical and inexpensive gift ideas you can give to your employees to show appreciation:                                      

1. Door Gifts 

Door gifts are no longer for premium events like black ties and galas. Your employees will be happy to receive door gifts at office events like annual end-year meetings, award ceremonies, or the launch of new products. These gifts will also act as icebreakers and help people loosen up. They should be portable and useful items like umbrellas, water bottles, or notebook and pen sets. You can order door gifts that conform to your office culture and budget.  

 2. Digital Gift Cards  

Getting your employees digital gift cards will give them a say in their choice of gift. When their unique interests are considered, it’ll make the gift more meaningful. You’ll have to maximize your creativity to incorporate each employee’s interest when choosing individual gifts. Allowing your employees to select digital gift cards of their choice will let them get items from their favorite online stores. Digital gift cards will work well for you, especially if you’re gifting multiple recipients. 

3. Portable Or Wireless Chargers  

This gift is practical and required by everyone yet many people still need to own one. A portable power bank is a gift that’ll be appreciated as it’ll allow your employees to charge their phones anywhere, anytime conveniently. The wireless charging journal version comes with organizational features that your employees will appreciate. It’s a practical, inconspicuous, and convenient gift that’ll ensure that your employees stay connected on the go or remotely. There are many unique designs that comfortably fit in tote bags and briefcases.    

4. Temperature Control Tumblers  

This is a tumbler that no one can refuse. Working people are on their feet forever with hardly any spare time to do anything else, even basic things like preparing a beverage. This temperature control tumbler is a common desk companion that’ll keep hot drinks hot for up to six hours and cold drinks colder for longer. It’s portable and can easily be carried around in your employees’ bags or backpacks for those on the go.  

Adding your employees’ individual names on the powder coat will make it gorgeous and give it a premium feel. This relatively inexpensive gift will be used daily and will leave a lasting impression on your staff.  

5. Noise Reducing Headphones  

Everyone needs a conducive environment to work optimally. That’s why noise-reducing headphones are the perfect gift for employees who either work remotely or have to contend with a workspace with a lot of noise and distracting activities. Besides muffling sound, noise-reducing headphones will provide smooth audio and improve the virtual meeting experience. The noise-canceling effect will help your employees focus in any environment.  

6. Touchscreen Gloves  

If your business is located in a place that experiences cold weather, your employees will be delighted to get touchscreen-friendly gloves. These water-resistant, anti-slip gloves with complete hand-touch accuracy will eliminate the need for your employees to keep removing their mittens and gloves in freezing temperatures to operate or access gadgets. There’s a variety of textures, colors, and styles that can fit different hand sizes. If you’re looking for a clever corporate gift for your employees, this is it. You can get ultra-responsive or just practical yet cozy touchscreen gloves.   

7. Essential Oil Diffusers  

An essential oil diffuser can completely change the vibe of any environment. It helps people relax and focus. It’ll help calm nerves and purify the air, whether at home or in the office. Knowing your employees well will be the secret to gifting them the essence they love. Essential oil diffusers come in various designs that can blend with any space. Getting a brand with an automatic shut-off feature will provide more safety.  

An essential oil diffuser will help your employees get an energized start to each day, soothe and calm their nerves during the day, or unwind after a long day. The essential oils are available in various scents to suit individual preferences. Rosemary, chamomile, and lavender are some familiar scents. 

8. Laptop Sleeves

Packing a laptop and documents in a stylish laptop sleeve feels classy. This gift is professional yet affordable and will come in handy as it acts as a protective casing for laptops and documents when carried around. It helps prevent folds, dents, and bumps from daily use. Laptop sleeves are discreet, convenient, and available in different textures and designs. They can be quickly and conveniently squeezed into your employee’s laptop bags, backpacks, or handbags. Your employees will love a gift that they want to use. 

9. Smart Watches

If you’re looking for a corporate gift that’s sophisticated yet simple, a smartwatch fits the description. This wearable gadget is many things in one. Many versions have a fitness tracker, bodily functions monitor, voice-activated commands, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. They can also display notifications when paired with other smart gadgets.

Smartwatches are available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and brands. Their prices are determined by their features and versions. You can get feature-packed smartphones that’ll elevate your employees’ spirits for a bargain.


When choosing corporate gifts, go for those that leave a lasting impression on the recipient. They should be useful and customized to suit individual tastes. Even a simple item like a water bottle can become unique if the personalization is done right and resonates with the recipient. Corporate gifts that your employees find meaningful will make them feel valued. This will boost their morale, propel them to show more work commitment, and could even lead to higher employee retention.

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