7 Reasons to Add Window Tint to Your Home

9 Reasons to Add Window Tint to Your Home

In 2019, the global market size for window film market size was worth a staggering $9.83 billion. As more homeowners opt to add window tint to their properties, the industry is expected to continue experiencing impressive growth in the foreseeable future.

But what makes house window tinting so popular? Should you invest your money in it? How can you choose the right contractor for the job?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more.

What Is Window Tinting?

Window tinting refers to the process of applying a sheet of film to the interior or exterior of windows. Generally, window tinting is applied to the windows of homes, vehicles, and boats.

Benefits of Adding Window Tint to Your Home

Window tinting can improve your residential property in a variety of ways. Here are nine of them.

1. It Helps Conserve Energy

One of the top reasons homeowners go for window tinting is to save on power bills. Conventional glass windows let the heat from the sun into your home, which raises indoor temperatures significantly. The result is that your AC has to work harder and consume more energy.

Window tint blocks out a lot of sunlight. This keeps your home’s interior cooler, reducing the need to run your AC throughout the day.

2. Tinting Keeps Temperatures in Your Home Consistent

In many homes, certain parts of the house receive more sunlight than others. That means some rooms in your home become hotter than others.

Home window tinting helps solve this issue by blocking out the heat of the sun in all rooms. This keeps temperatures consistent from room to room.

3. Window Film Reduces Glare

The sun’s glare can significantly impact the comfort of your home. Too much glare can make it irritating to watch your TV as it blocks your view. And if you work at home using your laptop, glare on the laptop screen can negatively impact your productivity.

Window tint minimizes the sun’s blinding glare, allowing you to enjoy your television or work comfortably on your computer.

4. Window Tint Provides UV Protection

Conventional windows can let in an unhealthy amount of UV radiation. Sitting in front of such a window exposes you to these UV rays. As you probably already know, the health effects of UV radiation can be severe.

Window tinting helps block UV rays, allowing you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones aren’t exposing themselves to UV dangers.

5. It Boosts Home Security

Windows are a top entry point for home burglars. It’s easy for an intruder to break the glass, reach inside and unlock the door or window. Some burglars can easily climb through the broken window into your house and steal your valuables.

Tinted windows are much more difficult to break. Even if someone breaks the window, the tint can hold the glass in place, which makes forcible entry more difficult. Those extra seconds the intruder spends trying to force themselves in could be enough to allow you to alert authorities.

6. Window Tint Enhances Safety

Natural disasters and innocent accidents can also lead to the breaking of your window glasses. In such instances, window tint keeps sharp glass shards from scattering everywhere in your home by holding the glass together. This helps prevent injuries to your loved ones inside the house.

7. It Makes Window Maintenance Easier

Window film is water-resistant. Most types are scratch-resistant too. These features ensure that your home windows don’t get a build-up of unsightly water spots and fingerprints.

Tinted windows thus require less cleaning compared to their untinted counterparts. That said, it’s important to inquire from your installer how often the type of film you’re using needs to be cleaned.

8. Window Film Boosts Privacy

Just like car window tinting, house tinting can help add privacy to your home. Window films come in a variety of shades, so you can choose one that helps shield your indoors from the views of people outside.

9. It Boosts Your Home’s Value

Window tints can dramatically up your home’s curb appeal, which is good when you’re looking to sell your home.

But even if you don’t plan to sell your home soon, you can still be sure that your window tint will probably still be in great condition when you finally decide to. You might be wondering how long does window tint last? Depending on the type of tint you choose, you can expect it to last up to two decades.

Choosing a Window Tint Installer

Now that you’ve seen the clear benefits of home window tinting, it’s likely you’d like to invest in a suitable window tint for your home. The best way to go about it is by hiring a professional window tint installation company to do the job for you. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right person.

Consider Reputation

A stellar reputation is by far the most important quality a window tint contractor can have. Ask your friends and relatives to recommend contractors they’ve worked with. Check online reviews to learn what previous clients say about the contractor.

If previous clients are happy with the contractor’s job, chances are you will be too.

Inquire About Warranties

Top window installation companies offer lengthy warranties. That’s because they’re confident of the quality of their service.

Ask whether the company you are about to hire provides a warranty and how long the warranty is. If they don’t offer one, move on.

Ask Their Prices

Window tinting prices can vary significantly, depending on the type of film you’re using and the size of the job. Besides these two factors, there’s the contractor’s fee for installing the window.

Ask your prospective contractor to give you an all-inclusive estimate for the job. Get two or more quotes from other contractors and compare them. Opt for the quote that you can comfortably afford.

Home Window Tinting Is Worth the Investment

Adding a home window tint can improve your home in a variety of ways. You get to enjoy more comfort, privacy, safety, security, UV protection, and much more. And when you hire the right contractor for the job, you can be sure of the best possible results.

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