How to Create the Ultimate Backyard Meditation Space

How to Create the Ultimate Backyard Meditation Space

The benefits of meditation are vast and well documented in scientific research. The practice has been shown to dramatically improve your mental and physical wellbeing, allowing you to function at your very best.

But, in order to obtain these benefits, you must consistently practice it on a regular basis. The trouble is not all of us have the time, space, or peace and quiet that we need to get it done properly.

What you need is a backyard meditation space that is calming, tranquil, and allows you to relax completely. This article will show you just how to create such a space in your own garden, so you’ve always got that perfect space to escape when you need it.

Why Meditate Outdoors?

There’s a reason why meditation is traditionally practiced outside. For starters, it removes all the distractions and awakens your senses to nature. Then you also get a healthy dose of fresh air to fill your lungs, invigorate your body, and stimulate your mind.

The sounds of nature, such as wind in the trees, falling water, or singing birds, all produce a sense of calm and allow you to relax fully into the meditation. Then there are the sights and feel of nature around you that improve peace of mind and bring a sense of joy and wellbeing.

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

Creating Your Backyard Meditation Space

How great would it be if you only had to take a few steps outside to get to your very own garden meditation space? Having that dedicated space means that you will always have somewhere to go and relax so you’ll never miss a session again, and even look forward to being out in nature. Here’s how to get started.

Locate the Best Space

Depending on the size and location of your garden, you may want to find an area that is tucked away and as quiet as possible. Maybe that’s in a far corner, under a tree, or beside a bench. If you have to, clear out a space and make it tidy enough to construct the ideal area for it.

Make It Weatherproof

While it can be nice to sit on the grass in the summer, it’s always going to be weather permitting. A simple fix for this is to lay down a small area of patio or decking. This should be relatively easy to put together and will give you a solid, waterproof base to work with so you don’t have to sit in the mud.

If it’s under a tree you have some shelter, but when it gets wet and windy you might need a little more coverage. A basic gazebo or outdoor tent should do the job and keep you dry whatever the weather.

Make It Comfortable

If you’re going to relax here it needs to be as comfortable as possible. So look to get some nice backyard furniture such as a lounge chair, cushions, and a small table. If you need some inspiration, view these outdoor lounge sets to get a better idea of what you’re after.

Make It Visually Appealing

It’s a space that should appeal to all senses and how it looks has a large impact on how you feel in it. Think about adding relaxing colors and lighting, such as lanterns or fairy lights for when the sun is low. Getting it right can really alter the ambiance and make it feel very welcoming indeed.

Add Some Greenery

You may already be in the garden, but there’s no harm in adding more plants to the mix. Arrange some of your favorite plants and flowers to add some color and enhance the naturalistic surroundings. It can be really comforting and has many positive effects on the mind such as creativity and relaxation.

Lay Some Sand and Stones

Other features that help create a tranquil space can come from adding rocks, stones, or sand. It helps to shape the space and create a sense of order and calm. It also further adds to the natural setting and makes it more visually appealing to look at too.

Furthermore, you can use gemstones to add a nice and relaxing aura, as well as benefit from their health properties. As each gemstone has its own meaning and properties, it is important to choose the stone that resonates with your aura. For example, Opalite crystal healing properties include physical and mental healing abilities, and they are great for people who have insomnia, while Amethyst stone promotes calmness and is good for enhancing the immune system. So, instead of regular stones, you can try and test the healing power of gemstones.

Install a Water Feature

The sound of running water has a very soothing effect and can help you ease into your meditation. Think about installing a fountain or a pond in the space. You can get small water features that only need a power supply to circulate the water. They can also really amp up the aesthetics too.

Sensual Sounds

While silence is deemed the priority for meditation, some prefer to use music, windchimes, chants, or sounds of the ocean. You can really change how a space feels by adding sounds like these. All you need are some wireless, weatherproof speakers which can be hidden amongst plants so as not to disrupt the appearance.

Scents to Soothe

Your plants and flowers may provide pleasant aromas as it is, but it doesn’t hurt to try certain scents that promote relaxation. You can either use scented candles, incense, or an essential oil diffuser to enhance the experience. Experiment with different types and see what works best for you.

Achieving Peaceful Backyard Bliss

Meditation is something that all of us can benefit from and is as important as exercise for both the mind and body. But many of us make excuses not to do it such as not having the time, space, or quiet, which means we get no time to wind down and relax.

Having your very own backyard meditation space gives you the freedom to escape and enjoy your meditation sessions. It also means that you have no excuses to get out there and do it as it’s mere steps away. So make use of these tips and start creating your perfect place to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

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